Who Has The Best Mascot In The Premier League?

Who Has The Best Mascot In The Premier League?

Every football fan who has ever attended a football game would have noticed the positioning of giant mascots around the football stadium. They are created to interact with their fans, pose for pictured with younger fans and are a great way to raise morale on that all important football match. These amicable and often very furry characters are as much a part of the game as the fans and football players themselves. Mascots are a great way to get crowds of fans riled up at a game and can often provide for some hilarious comedy action!

Mighty Red- Liverpool Mascot

Liverpool sadly didn’t have a mascot until 2012, when the club’s American owners ensured they caught up with the times! Might Red is a Liver Bird and is a shiny red beacon of support for the club.

Fred The Red- Manchester United Mascot

Fred The Red, although a devil character, is actually one of the happiest and cheeriest of mascots there are. Fans have likened him to a ‘Care Bear’ that spent too much time tanning!

Chirpy The Cockerel- Tottenham Hotspur Mascot

Totenham Hotspur have has the cockerel on their crest since 1901 so it is only fitting that their mascot pays homage to the big. His huge grin and Woody the Woodpecker-esque personality is much loved.

Changy The Elephant- Everton Mascot

Cute and feisty looking, Changy the elephant is named after the club’s Asian beer shirt sponsor.

Samson The Cat- Sunderland Mascot

Although he certainly cannot be considered lucky judging by the clubs performance of late, Samson is a friendly and excitable mascot for the Sunderland club.

Cherry Bear- Bournemouth Mascot

Cherry Bear is the easily recognisable mascot of Bournemouth football club, with this sideways cap and hanging tongue.

Moonchester and Moonbeam- Manchester City Mascots

This duo takes the crown when it comes to imaginative mascots! This alien couple are sent to Earth to spread the word of Manchester City and look cool because they’re aliens, quite simply.

Captain Canary- Norwich City Mascot

While Norwich has been relegated following their success in 2015, we still think it’s important to include the once Premier League team’s mascot, Captain Canary. His cheery yellow feathers and equally cheery demeanour is all Norwich have to keep their spirits up these days!

Gunnersaurus Rex- Arsenal Mascot

While there is always a big dispute over which mascot is the cutest of them all, this year the crown for best mascot in the Premier League as voted for by fans is Gunnersaurus Rex! What can be better than a bright green, 7 foot tall dinosaur?!

And, while there certainly are some super-cute and very memorable mascots that football fans know and love out there, there are other mascots which missed the mark and have become infamously associated with their footballs teams, becoming memorable for all the wrong reasons. Kingsley, the new mascot for Patrick Thistle, who took the place of their previously much loved Jaggy MacBee is one of the most terrifying mascots in their history! It’s important to note how the appearance of a mascot is vital to the morale of a football club. Kingsley was designed by 2013 Turner Prize nominee David Shringley and the fact that people haven’t warmed to him has shown that artistic licence cannot capture the heart of people like a big ol’ dinosaur can. Regardless of their fluffy and sometimes misshapen features, mascots are sure to bring a sense of joviality to any occasion!