Premier League Outspends The World

Premier League Outspends The World

If any online football betting fans had any questions regarding which football leagues dish out the most money, thanks to UEFA’s latest Benchmarking Report those concerns can be laid to rest. For several years now UEFA has been monitoring clubs’ expenditures with the UEFA Financial Fair Play Regulations. Football’s governing body set up these regulations in order to prevent franchisees from spending more than they earn in the pursuit of success, and ultimately getting themselves into financial problems. While the regulations might just be another excuse for UEFA to keep their hands in everything, it nonetheless allows fans to have some insight into the type of spending that goes on within football leagues.

Although the Benchmarking Report is accurate, its results don’t reach the public until several years down the line. For example, just recently the results by the UEFA Club Licensing Benchmarking report for the 2015 financial year were released to the public. There’s no doubt the online football betting community should find the results fascinating.

The latest report reveals how much England’s gigantic expenditure outweighs the rest of the competition. In fact, the combined wages paid by franchises within the English Premier League were more than double the amount paid by the next best-paying football league, Italia Serie A. The EPL’s honorariums exceeded 2.69 billion Euros in 2015, and the average wage bill reached 134.5 million Euros.

On the other hand, Italia Serie A’s franchises only spent a combined total of 1.309 billion Euros, and each team paid out an average of 65.5 million Euros. The third best-paying league turned out to be the German Bundesliga. The Bundesliga’s bill came out to be 1.251 billion Euros for player’s wages and each German team spent an average of 69.5 million Euros per year.

“For the first time on record, the total wage bill of the highest-paying league (EPL) was more than double that of the next highest-paying league (Italy’s Serie A), with the strength of the British pound in 2015 just pushing the English clubs over this line,” the report stated. “The aggregate wage bills of the 20 Italian, 20 Spanish and 18 German top-division clubs continue to converge and are within 5 per cent of each other.”

Even though it was the English who took top honors in spending, it was actually a La Liga team who walked away with walked away with the title of best-paying club. UEFA reported that Barcelona spent more than any other club with their bill coming out to be 340 million Euros. In second place, ironically adding to their storied rivalry, it was Real Madrid and their spending of 289 million Euros. Third place ended up going to one of the EPL’s many online football betting favorites, Chelsea.

Although they didn’t have a club that spent the most, the English Premiere League can still brag that they spend more than any other league in the world. Whether that will influence people to bet on EPL matchups remains to be seen, but one thing is for certain: business is booming in the EPL.