6 Stories that dominated English Football this week

6 Stories that dominated English Football this week

Pep Guardiola vs Aguero 

It was a sight most had become used to this season. A frustrated Pep Guardiola yelling at Sergio Aguero to help his colleagues press. Aguero was having none of it, and it seemed like more tension was abound. Fast forward a few days and it was Aguero that helped City inch closer towards the coveted Champions League Final and a chance to lift that famous old trophy that has evaded them since, well, forever. It remains to be seen if the diminutive Argentine will stay beyond the summer ,but I’m pretty sure he’d like to leave the fans a really shiny parting gift. Still some way to go yet, but at least they still have hope.

Liverpool warm weather training 

After a brilliant win against Spurs, the Reds were unable to keep the momentum from rediscovered form going, having been dumped out of all other competitions the week before. With a 16 day break before their next game, Jurgen Klopp decided to take his squad away for a week away to sunny La Manga in Spain. With enough triple sessions to give Raymond [“The Fitness Egg”]  Verheijen a thumping headache, the Reds returned sunburned but unscathed (Sturridge aside, but that one’s expected). The dutch fitness expert waits with his fatigue filled ink to see the effects of this “mini pre-season” as Klopp called it, unfold. Jamie Vardy has found the net in the Champions league this week so that alone is a cause for concern for Liverpool ahead of the Monday night Clash. [You know, because they tend to concede]

Ranieri Sacked

In what can only be described as the most ludicrous decision of the season, Leicester City have brainlessly decided to fire the manager who brought them the League title last season. The Foxes involvement in the Champions League has became a distraction to their domestic endeavours, and they have indeed struggled this season. But in Europe they have excelled, topping their group with ease. Also, even though they might’ve lost in the 1st leg to Sevilla [Europa League Champions] Jamie Vardy’s late goal gives some hope,  and as the cliche  goes: “away goals can be the difference in two legged ties.” So the sacking of Ranieri at this time just doesn’t make any sense. Wes Morgan is not going to turn into Baresi under a new manager, Huth no Maldini either. Strange, strange decision. This does change the dynamic for the clash with Liverpool on Monday as clubs who lose/change their managers generally tend to win their next game. Klopp will be weary.

Sutton Reserve Keeper vs Pie Gate 

Wayne Shaw is [was] Sutton United’s reserve goalkeeper. But he did much more than that. He trimmed the artificial pitch (?) Vacuumed the dugouts, and generally takes care of the facility. He was so committed to the cause that he would often sleep at the ground too, on a sleeper couch. But as is the case with the FA Cup’s over-the-top hysteria that is usually generated, focus inevitably on the huge man who sometimes stands in goal, and who played with Alan Shearer in his youth days.

Swept away by the occasion and properly upset that he was not given a few minutes on the pitch in Sutton’s finest moment, Shaw did something that would turn him into a legend… for a few hours before he was fired.

Yes, in the 83rd minute with the world watching, he ate a mince and potato pie . He has since regretted the incident, but it was a case of too little too late for the Big Stopper. Piers Morgan even interviewed him and has commented saying that what Sutton FC did was wrong to sack their most loyal employee. Ironic indeed, as this is the very same Piers Morgan who asks Arsenal, [the team he allegedly supports] to let go of their most loyal employee, Arsene Wenger.

I’d say the worst part for Sutton is that none of the Newspapers spoke of them for football reasons, and that’s basically their strongest point.

Pressure on Wenger 

Arsenal fans seem to have had enough [again]. They always tend to start off the season flying, but as February arrives, all their silverware ambitions leave. The Frenchman can do no right in their eyes. Arsenal TV now has a huge loyal audience comprised of fans of all other clubs, waiting with great anticipation to see their next post match meltdown.

It does indeed feel like the end is drawing closer for Wenger, regardless of what happens from now till the end of the season.

But that has been the case for many a year so he will probably be staying another 5 years.

Southampton vs Man United in the League Cup Final

Jose Mourinho has found his verve again. Back is the swagger that made him one of the most respected [and hated] managers around.

He will have the chance to win silverware when Man United come up against Southampton in the league Cup Final on the weekend. Interestingly, This was the 1st trophy he won in England for Chelsea, and he would be hoping he can repeat the feat at his new place of employment.

Southampton are no pushovers and could make life difficult for the Devils. Some new additions to the squad have already paid dividends but it is United’s expensive signings that could inevitably be the difference. Bottles will be kicked, tackles will be made, Herrera will dive (Ashley Young too if he plays).

All in all we should be in for an entertaining final… before Wayne Rooney heads to China.