Why Manchester United Should Be In the Champions League

Why Manchester United Should Be In the Champions League

There has been the debate about the connotation and relationship between football in its raw stadium-state and entertainment. The fact still remains that without the paraphernalia, the controversies, the off-field drama, the hype, and other acts of entertainment and fun that are associated with football, the 90 minutes that is played on the pitch will make no sense.

Now, back to the title, there are teams that every single football fan wants to watch their games, there are names that people like to talk about in football, and one of such names is Manchester United. The truth is that an English representation that consists of Tottenham, Manchester City, Leicester city and Arsenal in the Champions League has nothing exciting about it. This probably would spell a reduction in the overall viewing expectations generated from the international community. Even the football betting world, wouldn’t want to dabble into games played by these lots. This is actually one of the football betting tips 2017 you should imbibe. Bet on them in Europe and lose your money.

There are teams that have actually made enough impact in the competition that fans will always get ecstatic whenever matches are happening between them. Think of what a Chelsea VS Barcelona game will always cause in the world of football. Think of what a Manchester United VS Bayern Munich Champions league match will mean in Europe. Consider what you will think when you see Liverpool lining up again against Ac Milan – The battle of Istanbul, right? Those are moments that bring nostalgia, heavy memories and huge excitement in football. They also rake in huge revenues for the game.

Why Manchester United Should Qualify For the Champions League To Restore the Glory of English Football

Old Trafford Outside

English football has been ridiculed for many years by these new entrants into the Champions League. With Tottenham always slipping off at the group stage, and Arsenal and Manchester City not having the nerve to get to the semifinals for many years, England needs teams that can hold their own till at least the semi finals.

José Mourinho

The second reason why it is becoming increasingly imperative for Manchester United to get back into the Champions League is because of their coach, José Mourinho. The fact is that he is a Champions League coach and not that of Europa League. When watching Champions League matches, one enjoys the Heineken advert by him. His pep talks to Inter Milan players that won them the Champions League semi final match against Barcelona in 2010 is simply a stuff of champions. That alone makes him a great candidate for the competition. There is a sort of magic, suspense, controversy, drama, and poise that Mourinho brings to that league that needs to come back, and very soon too.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic

This is another reason Manchester United should be in the Champions League. He has not won it before, yes, and he desires to. But his name alone in those Tuesday and Wednesday night games and what he brings to it is amazing. One good thing is that with the speculations about his staying or leaving, capturing a Champions League place will definitely make him want to commit to Manchester United for one more year.

Confidence for the Young Crop of Players

Manchester united is rebuilding and has shipped in several new young talents. For them to become rugged enough and for that needed character that comes from experience, they need to get their hands on Champions League football.