The Worst-Behaved Supporters in the EPL in 2016

A Football Stadium
A Football Stadium

Football fans have always been an emotional bunch, especially during the Premier League when local pride gets amplified beyond the borders of emotional restraint and sound judgment. After all, it’s not like you’re waiting to win the Superena Max, or anything similar for that matter, because so much more is at stake here.

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And sometimes, the powerhouse of emotions that is EPL fandom leads some to end up doing what the Police sees as a criminal offence, rather than your standard show of support. Luckily, they also keep a count on those offences, which can help us check out which fans were the biggest law-breakers in a season. The top 5 from last year’s 2015-2016 Premier League are as follows:

#5 Sunderland – Pitch Incursions

Starting off the list are the Black Cats’ fans, who hold the fifth spot on the Home Office list. According to the numbers, Mackems caused almost the same troubles when home and away, with 27 arrests during away matches and 24 at home. The number one cause for arrest was pitch incursion, closely followed by public disorder, and “alcohol offences “as the third most common cause.

#4 Newcastle – Drunkenness

Closely tied with Sunderland’s supporters are Newcastle fans, who took the lead to the fourth spot with only one more arrest. Naturally, away games were the more common cause for causing troubles, with 30 arrests made, while home-related incidents accounted for 22 arrests. Magpies’ fans were mostly arrested for drunkenness (21) and public disorders (17), with violent disorders as the top 3 reason (7 arrests). Who knows what next season’s stats will show, right?

#3 Manchester United – Public Disorders

Unsurprisingly, last year was also a noisy year for the Red Devils, whose fans took the third spot on the Home Office list. As you might already suspect, away games were far more troublesome than home matches, during which there were only 15 arrests, as opposed to the 42 when the team played away. The most common cause was public disorders (20), followed by violent disorders (13), and alcohol-related offenses (12).

#2 Arsenal – Public Disorders and Throwing Missiles

Arsenal’s fans are closely tied with United supporters, having only one more arrest in their record (58). The biggest difference between both is that Gunners’ fans caused more troubles on the home pitch, where 31 arrests were made. The number one cause was public disorders (26 arrests), with violent disorders as the second most common offence, and “throwing missiles” taking the third spot.

#1 Manchester City – Public Disorders and Violence

And the last spot on the list, and yet another unsurprising addition, are the Blues’ supporters. The Home Office numbers show fans of Man City accounted for 66 arrests during Premier League games, 46 of which were made during away games. The most common type of offense was public disorders (26), violent disorders (15), and alcohol offenses (14). However, they were much more behaved on the home pitch, were only 20 arrests were made.


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