Liverpool: 'It's The Hope That Kills You'

Liverpool: 'It's The Hope That Kills You'

I’ve been trying to understand why it is that fellow Liverpool supporters are in a state of constant anxiety and despondency in the current season. It really has gone to a whole new level of low. As a friend of mine often tells me : “When it comes to Liverpool, It’s the hope that kills you”

He’s right, but this season its gone that little bit extra. That last bit of hope has somehow already been kicked out of us yet we are only in October!

But then it struck me. Supporters have become so in tune with the game, they are starting to feel exactly what players feel. Confused? I’ll explain.

If you’ve ever played for a football team that has had a weak goalkeeper or defence (or both) you tend to start each game with trepidation and fear you might lose or draw because “you just know” that they are going to mess it up.

As our coach always says : “If each person does their job properly, everyone will be focused on their own tasks and we’ll all play better collectively.”

If the goalie is fumbling and lets in a few soft goals, it is inevitable that the mentality of the defenders in front of him becomes shaky. If the defenders start making ill-timed tackles or get continuously caught out with a long ball over the top, midfielders tend to drop deeper – they are already starting to anticipate their teammate is going to let them down.

This in turn will see the forwards often isolated in attack and they aren’t able to create chances because the midfield is sitting too deep to help them and they can’t possibly take on everyone to score. (Except Messi and Ronaldo of course.) And so it all begins to crumble.

The knock on effect, all started from a dodgy keeper making everyone worry about them instead of focusing on their own tasks. Supporters have become so intrinsic in the fabric of their team that they are now even embedded in that thought process.

In Liverpool’s case, We know Mignolet is going to fumble, we know Danger Lovren is going to kick air or pass it straight to the opposition, we know Moreno is going to get caught in possession and not be able to get back – fans now watch with that negativity floating inside the back of their minds. We count on the forwards to score more than we concede, and, pre-international break, that game plan seemed to have dried up too. Linda Pizzuti hasn’t been able to tweet “CLEAN SHEET” for quite sometime now.

Liverpool fans are already hoping the January window will see us improve our pathetic defence, but that is 3 months away and there is a heck of a lot of football to be played till then.

Saturday’s clash with the old enemy is both exciting and nerve wrecking. Supporters daydreaming of a Salah solo run goal are interrupted with scary visions of United equalising straight after.

(Probably a back pass from Henderson miss kicked by Lovren and straight through the legs of Mignolet.)


“Comedy of errors” is a Liverpool related clichè now.The only way to change our current negative mindset is for the players to do it for us. Assured defensive performances. Clean sheets. For once at least, trying to not concede a silly goal.

Klopp has to fix it. He simply cannot keep doing the same things hoping for a different outcome. Something drastic is in order. Pull a kid from the academy, give him a chance to be a hero. He honestly can’t get any worse than what we’ve had to put up with this season thus far.

“In a derby, form goes out the window”

Supporters will be saying: “Thank goodness for that.”