Is Mesut Ozil Leaving Arsenal?

Is Mesut Ozil Leaving Arsenal?

Mesut Ozil, the German-born football player currently playing for English team Arsenal, as well as in the German national team, has made his name as a midfield attacker who is also sometimes tasked with the role of winger. Ozil started playing for Arsenal in 2013, and has won a lot of praise, and the occasional criticism, while at Arsenal; this season is his fifth at the club.

It might also be his last at Arsenal, as he hasn’t signed a new contract yet. Contract talks seemed to have stalled because of uncertainty regarding his future at the club. Obviously, there are rumours that Ozil might be leaving Arsenal, with Barcelona, Manchester United and Real Madrid being touted as potential destinations for the player.

His career

Ozil started his career in Germany, in the Bundesliga, by joining his home team Schalke 04. But only two seasons later, he left the club and joined Werder Bremen for a contract worth €5 million. In 2010, he caught the attention of the world and many clubs during the FIFA World Cup, after which he joined Real Madrid.

How he plays

He’s often an attacking midfielder or plays on the flank or as a winger, and his creativity and technical ability really shine in such situations. However, he has also been employed in a more advanced role such as second striker. He tends to drift from the centre and this has served him well regarding possession of the ball. He creates many chances and provides plenty of assists.

No contract talks

There has been growing uncertainty about Ozil’s future at Arsenal, as contract negotiations appear to have come to a halt. Ozil has missed a large part of the season due to injury, and probably spent some of his downtime learning how to win at craps just for fun to pass the time. Interestingly, Martin Keown, a legend in the world of football, believes Ozil has already given up on the club.

Potential moves

Manchester United is widely rumoured to be interested in Ozil, though they are certainly not the only ones. Barcelona, for example, will see Neymar go this season and may replace him with Ozil. Rumour also has it that Ozil may consider re-joining Real Madrid, though considering the player’s history, this may not be the most likely move.

How his time playing in England will affect his ability to integrate into a club in the Spanish league, if he does move there, remains to be seen. Whatever he decides, pundits reckon it’ll be an exciting move, and it’ll be interesting to see how his career continues to develop, whichever club he finally decides to move to.