Introduction to online football betting


Online football betting has grown tremendously over the past one decade. Billions of dollars’ worth football bets are placed throughout the world each year.

At core, online bookmakers operate the same way as the off-line ones, but offer a lot more flexibility and convenience to the football bettors. One of the biggest benefits of punting with a distinguished bookmaker like Coral for instance is that you can benefit from a wide array of bonuses.

Furthermore, in case you’re new to football betting, it’s important that you get acquainted with the popular football bets and understand them comprehensively, to improve your winning chances.

How to bet on football matches?

Once you’ve deposited a basic amount at your preferred bookmaking website, you should go through the type of football bets available on the platform. Every football bettor should at least get familiarised with bets placed on the match outcome. These bets are about backing the possibility of – away team win, home team win or a draw, and are referred to as the standard 1×2 bets. The other popular bets you can place are:

Handicap football bets

As in other sports, handicap bets are arguably the most commonly indulged-in bets in football as well. Betting with a handicap enables you to even out the playing field, especially in case there is a particularly weaker or stronger team in the concerned match.

For instance, let’s say Watford is going up against Manchester United in an upcoming EPL match. As evident, MU would be the obvious favourite here. You could bet on MU with a handicap of -2 to avail better odds from the bookmaker, thereby giving a straight two-goal benefit to the opposition.

Hence, MU would need to score a win with at least a 3 or a higher goal difference for you to win this bet. In the event that MU wins by an exactly two-goal margin, you’d lose the bet after factoring in the handicap. On a side note, if you’re a MU fan and follow all their games very sincerely, you can stay updated about every MU news at this page on

Over/under football bets

These bets are about the total number of goals scored in the match at the halftime and/or full-time. Betting markets usually allow punters to place bets on a figure as low as ‘over 0.5 goals’ (with very low odds) to something like ‘over 7.5 goals’ or even higher (with very high odds). One should ideally look for a middle ground in such bets, after factoring in the strengths and weaknesses of the playing teams.

The reason behind the popularity of these bets is that it isn’t very hard for people to deduct a certain number of goals from a football match. It doesn’t imply that these are fool-proof bets (actually far from it), however, they involve comparatively less guesswork in comparison to other betting markets.

Other betting markets

Correct score, both teams to score, double chance (1x, x2), both teams to score and over 1.5 and several other betting markets are available for punters to wager money on. A quick visit to a reputed online bookmaking portal would give you a fair idea of the various bet types you can indulge in.


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