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The Premier League’s Biggest Twits

Possibly the greatest football league in the world, the Premier League is raised to new heights year after year, with ever larger salaries, bigger egos, and, somehow, even more talk off the pitch. These days though, off the pitch banter from the players isn’t just from press conferences or overhead at the pub, these days most of the top football chat comes from online.

But of all the ‘personalities’ in the Premier League, who has the biggest? Well over at sbo.net they’re been curious as well, and they’ve painstakingly gone through all the tweets of yesteryear to give us the stats on who’s saying the most online. Or, as they like to call it, The Premier League’s Biggest Twits.

Nowhere else can you discover that keepers have just as much to say as the players, with 3 of last year’s top 20 tweeters taking up residence between the posts. Or that the top Scouse players only have half as much to say as the Mancunians – with their contingent sending out 699 tweets against a massive 1,556.

There are even a few surprises to be seen, such as Brighton showing up in force, with 3 players making our list. Turns out Ander Herrera has just as much to say as Shane Duffy, with each of them sending out 208 tweets each last year. The top two players even have more tweets than there are days in the year, with Yannick Bolasie of Everton sending a massive 474 tweets, and Charlie Austin closely following him at 465.

Bolasie might have an excuse with all his time spent injured, but we can’t really say the same for Charlie Austin – might have done him better to focus on the real world and not the virtual one.

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