5 talking points from the Premier League weekend’s action

5 talking points from the Premier League weekend’s action

1) Chelsea lack of ambition reflects poorly on boss Antonio Conte

There is something shocking about watching the defending champions failing to defend their title, and this was a particularly mournful way to go about it. The last time a title-winning Chelsea side visited the team set to win the league the Blues lost 2-1 to Leicester City in December 2015 and promptly sacked their manager. This, however, may not be the case of Antonio Conte but that doesn’t seem he would remain the boss past the summer.

“My tactic was: don’t concede space between the lines,” he said.

“If you concede space at Manchester City you risk losing with many goals down.”

Stripping the team aggressively of it’s and personnel and instructions necessary to effectively attack hardly affected the Blues’ chances of avoiding defeat, it simply limited their losing margin. What Conte failed to realize is that for a team of Chelsea’s, ambition and resources an emphatic thrashing is not the only form of humiliation.

2) Arsene Wenger not only one to blame for Arsenal’s problems

The frantic search for blame is a key part of the football experience, but in most situations, there’s plenty to go round and no need to be sparing; though Arsène Wenger is Arsenal’s lightning rod and with good reason, the malaise is far from all his fault. David Dein and pals failed to predict television money outstripping bums on seats as football’s major source of revenue, likewise an elite club’s ability to sponsor everything and partner with anything. https://freebetting.co.uk’s only name on the shortlist to have cleared every one of these hurdles is Juventus boss Massimiliano Allegri. Stan Kroenke isn’t as interested in a winning team as he is a profitable business, part of the reason Wenger has been retained so much longer than made sense; and a succession of talented players have shrunk and failed. Which is to say that the sooner Wenger leaves the better for everyone, him included – but plenty of others have failed in bringing us to this miserable point.

3) Tottenham have strength in depth to challenge Juventus

Son Heung-min scored his 15th goal of the season on Saturday and his 10th in the Premier League. The South-Korean winger gave a man-of-the-match performance, not just for his goals but his attacking prowess. Son is in good form but, as Tottenham approach the biggest match of their season so far, – against Juventus on Wednesday – the winger is not alone.

Dele Alli, the subject of so much finger-pointing, laid on a superlative assist against Huddersfield. Christian Eriksen was a bit quiet but still registered a single 40 yards pass through a crowd of a dozen players. Érik Lamela and Lucas Moura got minutes from the bench, with the Cherries’ defensive line proving hard for Spurs. But now Mauricio Pochettino’s side have greater attacking threats than before and are firing. It all remains to be seen if these can be proved in midweek against the Serie A reigning champions.

4) Benítez spells out the difference for his Newcastle team

Newcastle fans endured the familiar regret of what Rafael Benítez could have done for the club this season with reasonable invest in his squad.

“A Championship team with a Premier League manager,” was Steven Gerrard’s description.

Seven of the Magpies’ starting lineup played in the Championship last season – but a collection of new talent restricted Jürgen Klopp’s flying team to three shots on target. Newcastle had two, but could not profit.

“Three shots on target, I was surprised,” Benítez said.

“We wanted to be strong in defence and create more in counterattack. We couldn’t do it, why? Because we have a very good team in front of us. We got into some good positions and we were running full pace but still we couldn’t beat them. When you pay money you pay money not just because of their technical ability. It’s the quality, the decisions and the physicality. Everything that is the difference between teams.”

5) Riyad Mahrez still the best player outside Premier League’s top five

Leicester City’s Riyad Mahrez is the best player outside the Premier League’s current top five clubs and it will be no surprise if present leaders Manchester City, along with others, try to hijack him away from the Foxes again in the summer. His suitors must be impressed by how he has regained form after moving on from the disappointment of being denied a move in January. Mahrez continued impressive – including his superb stoppage-time equaliser against AFC Bournemouth on Saturday – shows if Mahrez leave Leicester where he made his name, it will be on good terms.

Mahrez said after his side match on Saturday:

“It was a difficult situation … but I was very pleased with the way the fans have been with me throughout this – I thank them all.”

He added: While I am here, I will keep giving everything for this club.”

I believe that’s how to ensure a happy ending for everyone.

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