Top EPL Moments in History


Watching sports in an exciting event no matter what side you’re on and who’s even playing. There are a lot of tense moments in soccer, and from time to time significant events take place, and people remember them for years to come.

There are 38 EPL games every season, and according to statistics, in the 2016-17 season, the attendance rate at the games was at 35,838. That doesn’t include all the fans that watch the games at their local pub or from the comfort of their own home, so at the end of the day, you can safely deduce that this soccer league is quite popular around the globe.

When there are so many people watching the games, you’ve got to wonder why this sport attracts so much attention. What is so special about the EPL? Why are people so dedicated to watching every single game?

To remind you why you should watch all the EPL matches, we came up with a list of 5 great moments in the league’s history, so enjoy!

Top 5 Moments

There are a lot of moments in EPL’s history that are worth mentioning in this section, some of them funny, bizarre, and even outrageous. Each of the mentioned events caused a ruckus in the soccer world, which in turn made the fans go crazy with excitement – which is why they are a great example of how exciting things can get in the EPL.

  1. Suarez Bites Branislav Ivanovic – This weird moment happened in the 2012-13 season, and it raised some questions regarding the sanity of the talented soccer player. Although there is a rich history of fouls and fights between rival players in the EPL, it was the first time the situation escalated to such an extent. What makes the moment even more interesting is the fact that this wasn’t the only time Suarez went on to bite his opponents on the field.
  2. The Beach Ball Incident – Unexpected things happen all the time when it comes to soccer, but what matters most is how the players and referees deal with the situation. In 2009, a beach ball was thrown onto the field when the game was already in progress, and it caused a commotion when said ball intervened with the results of the game. Some said that the goal should be disqualified while others protested, which led to a lengthy and heated debate in the media.
  3. Manchester City’s 3-2 win over QPR – It was one of the most phenomenal moments in all of EPL’s history. At the very last minute, Sergio Aguero scored the goal that changed everything for Manchester City. It wasn’t about the execution or the planning that led to the big moment, but the reaction of the players and the pure elation of the fans made this moment so memorable.
  4. The Wrong Dugout – Back in 1999, the cameras managed to capture one of the funniest moments in EPL’s history. Ron Atkinson was asked to take over the management of the struggling Nottingham Forest team. He flew out immediately to lead his new club out against Arsenal, but after a long flight and a stressful day, he found himself in the wrong dugout.
  5. The Notorious Kick – It happened in 1995, more than two decades ago, but this event will always be remembered as one of the most outrageous moments in EPL’s history. Manchester United’s Eric Cantona was on his way back to the dressing room when he lunged himself at a Crystal Palace player. Cantona got a nine-month ban as a result, and with good reason.

Every one of these moments will forever be remembered by all soccer fans, and they can also serve to show others why the EPL is worth watching.

In Conclusion

Watching soccer matches is one of the most exciting things you can do in your free time. There is always something controversial happening on the field and off of it, so if you like the intrigue and the adrenaline rush that comes with watching sports – you should make the time to watch the upcoming EPL games.

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