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Everyone loves fruits. Oranges, bananas, grapes, apples, whatever. Fruits taste good, look good, they satisfy your thirst, and now they can even pay you some money. When we talk about online casino games, the first thing that comes to mind is slots, and when we talk about slots, the first thing that comes to mind is fruit machines. Simple and easy play, so you can be gaming in just the click of a button on the trusted online casino Malaysia. When the gambling time was starting, those three reel fruit slots were the only choice for the casino players. Firstly they were only available in land-based casinos and bars, then they proposed online.As per themediterraneandish.com you can find more nutrition food recipe here.Now you don’t need to go to the nearest bar or casino to play fruit-themed slot games as the Internet is factually full of them. Every casino games provider, starting from the small anonymous startup and ending with the great gambling businesses have a pair of fruit slots in the pocket, and it is the perfect way to slotxo grow in your life.

Why are fruit machines so famous?

First of all, fruit slots are easy to play. There are not many higher features, and you’ll hardly find a fruit slot with a hundred pay-lines and challenging to play bonus rounds. So this is an excellent way to start playing slots when you don’t know how it all works. Secondly, they are great for the nostalgic gamblers who began their gambling journey in land-based casinos long ago. Online fruit slot machine game lets you jump into good old days without leaving your high-end computer or smart-phone. And, finally, fruit slots are just cool. The bright and juicy fruits as game symbols make the game funny and entertaining and you can easily spend hours playing them.

In game providers’ collections, you will find two kinds of fruit slots. The first are those familiar classic slots with three reels and a couple of pay-lines. These games don’t differ from one casino software developer to another, but there are a few games that we suggest you pay your attention to. These are, for instance, the Mystery Jocker by Play’nGo, the Hot Chance by Novomatic or the Classic Fruit by 1×2 Gaming. If you prefer something fresher, you should try the second kind of fruit machines – fruit video slots. These games usually have five reels, advanced HD graphics and animations, many special features and bonus rounds. But they still have your much-loved fruits as game symbols. Whether you choose the classic or the video fruit slots, you’ll love them, mainly if you are lucky enough to get some fruity wins.

Fruit Machine Basics

While fruit machines first appeared in the US as Amusements with Prizes took hold in casinos across the country, their migration to the UK was somewhat slower, instead online casinos like Easy Slots became really popular.

Usually played with three reels and a single pay-line, fruit machines are slots operated by a button.

With the arrival of better CPU technology, some developers began introducing bonus rounds, triggered by lighting up a series of symbols on display above the reels. These bonus features generally follow a ‘Trail Bonus’ as you might see in online video slots, with a jackpot awarded for reaching the end of the trail.

Payouts and RTPs

Fruit machines are popular today, although, with the PRNG (Pseudo Random Number Generators) that govern modern video slots, players are becoming familiar with a ‘fairer’ game with more random outcomes.

Payout percentages in fruit machines are generally much lower than their video slot counterparts, and indeed much more economical than online slots.

There is no minimum payout percentage for a fruit machine, although a lower limit of 70% is required. Now, compare that to the 90-98% payouts you get in an online slot, and you can see the difference.

Also, fruit machines can come in the form of ‘compensated machines’ which differ in the possibility of winning prizes based on the result of a prior game.

Fruit Machine Games within the Games

  • Play Online Slots

You play fruit machines online much the same way as you would play slot machines online. First, you pick your coin size, and then you click the spin button. If the winning symbols appear on the pay-line, you win a prize according to the payout table. Most fruit machines have only three reels and one pay-line, so in that sense, they are relatively simple.

The fruit machine game gets exciting when you get a particular symbol that begins the bonus game within the game. In the Game On! Fruit machine, three ball symbols enable the Soccer Safari bonus game, in which you can win up to 1,000 times your original bet amount. In Pub Fruity, there are two bonus games: the Drinks Trail bonus game and the Darts Contest bonus game. Other fruit machines have other bonus games, suited to the theme of the fruit machine game itself. Each game is different, but they are all fun, and they all add enthusiasm and variety to the primary online fruit machine game.

  • Style of the Game

Online fruit machines are typically styled to re-create the look and feel of real electro-mechanical devices found in arcades and pubs, so they bring an authentic experience of playing classical gaming machines to your desktop or mobile. The tried and verified style of 3 reels and a single pay-line is king here, and you can generally expect a good serving of classic fruit symbols on the reels too. Cherries, lemons, oranges, and melons are traditional favorites, but fruit machines aren’t opposed to throwing in small fruity symbols to the mix, Lucky 7s, so Bars and Bells usually add to the old school vibe. Online fruit machines are also happy to mix things up a little with extra features more common to five-reel slots such as Wilds and multiple pay-lines to give a little twist to the basic format, so there’s more variety than you may first imagine.

Fruit Machine Features

As well as a ‘Spin’ button to kick the action off, many UK “fruit slots” will feature certain additional touches, such as:

  • Pay-table: displayed above the reels, the pay-table lists the different prize payouts for each winning combination.
  • Hold: At random, the buttons below the three reels will flash, allowing the player to hold in place any number of reels they want for one further spin. It’s a perfect feature for anyone wanting to hold bonus or jackpot symbols in place for another spin.
  • Nudge: Also at random, an option will be triggered that allows players to move one or two reels up or down a spot to help form a winning combination.
  • Trail Bonus: In many fruit machines with bonuses, a trail bonus is worked towards by collecting consecutive wins on the reels. Players work their way around the trail picking up cash amounts, multipliers, or triggers to start an additional trail bonus.
  • Hi-Lo: Similar to the ‘Gamble’ function in an online slot, the ‘Hi-Lo’ feature requires you to guess whether the next number rolled on display will be lower or higher than the one shown.

Why Play Fruit Machine Slots Online?

  • Excitement: Online fruit machines offer the same level, if not higher, of thrill that you will get in land-based casinos.
  • Convenience: imagine sitting back and relaxing while playing at the comforts of your home. You don’t have to deal with other casino players, no waiting time for a seat to become available and no need to travel to and from the venue.
  • Easy signup: select which casino to join, fill up a form, deposit money into your account and call the customer support to activate your account. That’s so easy! These are the general steps to subscribe in a web casino.
  • Bonuses: Upon signing up in a fruit machine slots online casino and making a deposit, you have the chance to pad your bankroll with a welcome gift or a matching bonus. For example, a matching bonus can match the amount of your initial deposit.
  • Rewards and freebies: Online casinos, just like their real-world casino counterparts, also offer prizes and freebies. They also put up promotions from time to time, including slots tournament in which you could have the chance to play with other players and win a life-changing amount.
  • A wide range of games available: Unlike in a land-based casino, where space is a premium, online casinos don’t have to deal with it for table and card games and fruit machines to fit. So without even saying, you will have tons and tons of choices on games to play in an online casino, which also updates their games for new games from top developers.

Fruit Machines: How to Play

To play a game on a Fruit Machine:

  • Select your coin size
  • Select the number of coins per pay-line
  • Click the “Spin” button to start the reels spinning

If you have a winning combination lined up on an enabled pay-line, the win is highlighted on the reels. This ends your game, and your winnings are paid out as reflected in the payout table for that fruit machine. If you do not have a winning combination, then your game is over. You can then start a new game.


The thought of a fruit machine may conjure up some good smoothie-making gadget, but for players, it’s popular slang for classic three-reel slot machines. Whether you’re a beginner or veteran, you’ll find playing a fruit machine fun. And by playing on the web, you can choose from more games, receive top bonuses, play from home and log into your account anytime, anywhere provided you’re online. So if you’re all set, choose an online casino and play your favorite fruit slot game today!

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