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Premier League Football Predictions for 2018

The start of the English Premier League is just around the corner, and football fans are already making their predictions for the season ahead. While the World Cup is currently taking center stage, it won’t be long before EPL viewers start placing their bets on the 2018-19 season, and they have some interesting insights.

Cardiff City to Be Relegated

Sports betting experts at Vegas Odds are predicting that Cardiff City will face a struggle to stay in the Premier League this season. The club was only just promoted after a four-year absence, but it is unlikely that they will be here for very long. While Swansea is already in the relegation zone, but bookmakers are giving odds of 8/11 that Cardiff is one of the most likely clubs to be relegated this season.

The Rise of Liverpool

After an impressive showing in the Champions’ League, Liverpool is setting itself up for victory in the upcoming season of the Premier League by building a powerful squad. After signing Fabinho for over $60 million and Keita for over $70 million, the team is ready to take to the pitch with fervour – and, in Liverpool’s stylish new away kits.

They will join forces with star player Mohammed Salah, who won this year’s, Golden Boot. While he suffered a dislocated shoulder during the Champions League final against Real Madrid, he’ll be back in time for the World Cup and certainly be fighting fit by the start of the Premier League.

Man, City to Repeat Its Victory

Sky Sports left it up to the fans to decide how the 2018-19 Premier League season would turn out, and they seem to think that the upcoming year will be very similar to the 2017-18 season.

Standing in 2017-18 Fan Predictions for 2018-19
1 Man City Man City
2 Manchester United Liverpool
3 Tottenham Man United
4 Liverpool Tottenham
5 Chelsea Chelsea
6 Arsenal Arsenal
7 Burnley Burnley
8 Everton Everton
9 Leicester City Newcastle
10 Newcastle Bournemouth

Bookmakers certainly agree with fans that Liverpool and Man United will keep on climbing, while Man City will take the top spot once again. Fans are convinced that the top ten teams will remain basically the same with just a few changes in the standings here and there. There are sure to be a couple of upsets, but there is a distinct possibility that the Top 10 will consist of mainly the same teams.

Leicester City Continues Decline

It is looking more and more likely that Leicester City’s star player Riyad Mahrez will be leaving the squad. Man City has had its eyes on the winger for quite some time and may be willing to pay over $100 million to have him join. While this would give Leicester City the opportunity to invest in plenty of fresh, new talent, sports fans and bookmakers alike are doubtful that the team will remain in the Top 10 during the 2018-19 EPL season.

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