Stop Playing That! Slots You Will Be Better Off Avoiding

Upcoming festive holidays suggest that having some time at fine slots might be a great idea for the cozy winter evening. Be careful not to ruin beautiful expectations while selecting obviously disappointing slots though. To avoid any bummers, we have prepared the list of slots you don’t want to come across this winter.

As long as design, gameplay and audio preferences may vary from one person to another, one thing stays universal – everybody wants to win, everybody wants to know a strategy to win baccarat more often. Therefore, to qualify as inappropriate, only the objective characteristic of House Edge (100% minus RTP) is considered. Virtually any slot below 96% payout rate should be avoided – worst-case scenarios are presented below.

Progressive Jackpot Slots

Progressive Jackpot slots are the most common place ever to bump into astonishing house edges. It is natural though that larger returns are offered less frequently. This is exactly how dispersion, or variance, works – low variance machines provide frequently occurring wins of lower value, while high variance slots reward you with big loads of money with less recurrence. You’re right – progressive jackpot slots are those with high dispersion, which is reflected on high house edges.

Whether you make a conscious choice of doing progressive slots, mind that Microgaming powered platforms are renowned to have the lowest RTP’s around in this category.

Mega Moolah – 12%

The headliner position obviously goes to their well- and widely-known Mega Moolah slot series, with the 4th generation of these slots – Mega Moolah Isis – having the payout percentage as low as 88%! In fact, it is a very well-crafted Egypt-themed game with 5 reels and 25 pay lines. The superior progressive jackpot offers an incredible 1M+ of credits for the lucky ones. Unfortunately, the overwhelming house edge makes this game the one you would be better off avoiding.

Major Millions – 10.63%

Another of Microgaming’s creation – Major Millions – follows the “leader” with the RTP level of 89.37%. This is a truly legendary slot which was the Microgaming’s reason for success back in the day. Millions of players have experienced it and many are still attracted to this game due to the charmingly nostalgic visuals and hefty jackpots. Thus, it appears puzzling why does it have such unappealing payout rates.

To close the chart of the provider’s worst-paying machines, watch out for the Cash Splash and Fruit Fiesta if you are willing to avoid high house edges. These two will “treat” you with 91.51% and 90.09% RTP’s respectively.

No Progressive Jackpot Slots

Surprisingly, not only progressive jackpot slots are daring to lift up their house edges. Below are the most prominent examples for that matter and we have no idea why do they do it.

Relic Raiders (NetEnt) – 10%

Tomb Raider-like gameplay with pretty visuals, plenty of thematic bonuses and 50 pay-lines on 5 reels will just knock you down with the 90% return payout percentage. Definitely not worth it, despite being fun and good looking.

Ice Picks (Rival) – 11.63%

Greatly matching winter mood, this ice-themed slot has 20 pay lines on 5 reels, with a handful of sweet features like 25 free spins bonus, 3 bonus maps full of treasures plus a pretty reasonable 9000x jackpot. Before you fall in love with stunning graphics and nice background, beware of the genuinely astonishing 88.37% payout rate.

Win Mill (Rival) – 14%

We could write a longer description of the virtues embedded in this 666 Casino game, like charming Dutch windmills and gold coins falling from the sky, however, we are not sure you will notice any of these since the first thing will really get you struck is a monstrous RTP of 86%, marked to be the lowest all over the market. Ouch.