Top Five Jerseys in the Premier League

Top Five Jerseys in the Premier League

The English Premier League is the top soccer league in the world. The kits, or jerseys, range from some of the best world to some downright atrocious design. Some clubs will spend the offseason by revamping their look and coming up with some truly spectacular jersey designs, while others opt for the “discount” look. Some clubs have successfully pulled off drawing fashion influences and combining them with a traditional soccer aesthetic in order to create something amazing. In the following, we’ll break down the five best jerseys the English Premier League has to offer. The jerseys below offer creative guidance on creating a custom soccer jersey for yourself.

  1. Arsenal

Arsenal squeaks its way in the top 5, much like they’ve historically done with Wenger and the top 4. They’ve kept the classic red/white colour scheme on their home jerseys. Their sponsor has easily become synonymous with the club; everyone understands that the Emirates are Arsenal. Their alternative jerseys are wonderful. They come with a polo neck that makes the jersey a non-match day option. It can also function as an exercise shirt.

  1. Crystal Palace

Even though some are saying the sponsor position and size is too large, I find it fine. Their current look pays homage to the history of Crystal Palace and blends the colours in a unique way that’s sure to stick out in your mind. While they may not be jerseys you wear outside of match day, they are sure to earn a few compliments from your friends. Crystal Palace fans are sure to be happy.

  1. Wolverhampton Wolves

Now, this is a personal favourite. The colour palette is simple yet effective. The sponsor even complements the jersey, a giant W located under their classic “wolf” logo. The simple design and colour tones don’t jump in your face and just exude class.

  1. West Ham

It’s all about the cuffs with West Ham. Their home jersey went with a small change by adding blue cuffs on the sleeves. All three of their kits are wearable even in more casual settings. The away jerseys are a nice shade of blue, and the sponsor placement is centre without being too much in your face. West Ham’s jersey designers have focused on comfort over aesthetic and you can definitely feel the difference.

  1. Manchester United

Manchester United. The biggest soccer club in the world. Not only do they have the most recognizable jersey on the globe, they also are the best designed. This year, they made a distinct change from their traditional red jerseys which added a black half-tone. This subtle change adds a bit depth to the jersey, and the sponsors aren’t overbearing.

What do you think is the best jersey?