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How Have Wolves Done So Well on Their Return to The Premier League?

One of the big surprises this year has been just how well Wolves have done since their promotion to the Premier League at the end of last season. Many had them pegged to go straight back down, that they wouldn’t be able to hold their own against the ‘bigger’ clubs. However, they’ve proved everyone wrong – so just how have Wolves done so well on their return to the premier league?

One of the biggest impacts has been the effect Nuno Espirito Santo has had on the club. He arrived in Summer 2017 and the upward trend for success began then. Hailing from Portugal, and himself a former goalkeeper, he was seen as a maverick choice, but it’s paid off and he seems to have a great relationship with his players. For instance, his running onto the pitch to celebrate a late winning goal with the team in their recent 4-3 victory over Leicester showed the bond he has, and it shouldn’t be underestimated.

Wolves don’t actually have a high goal rate. In fact, at twenty-seven it’s the lowest of any of the teams in the top twelve, but they’ve not been a team who have got thrashed either. To take thirty-two points shows this.

The Mendes Factor

The club’s agent, Jorge Mendes is another weapon in their arsenal. His working relationship with the China-based conglomerate Fosun, who own the club has meant that top players from Spain and Portugal have wanted to sign for the team. They’ve brought with them a winning mentality, too.

Players such as Ruben Neves have shown themselves to be real stars in the making. Neves has taken the premiership to his heart showing his passing ability and also putting in the required hard work to keep them in the top flight of football.

For anyone who enjoys playing a game of chance and redbet online casino games,  and wants to place a bet on who will stay up next season, Wolves could be in with a shot of doing even better once the league kicks off again in August.

Looking Ahead to the 2019/2020 Season

In fact, looking ahead to August, it may well be that they have a fight on their hands to keep their current management in place. Neves may well be happy to stay on for another season, but as many fans and players know, replicating success season to season can be tricky without stability. Having proved himself, it might not be long before bigger clubs like Spurs or Chelsea want to poach his talent. However, if the club can keep hold of their manager, it may well be they can keep hold of potentially their best player.

There have been mutterings of discontent with the closeness between their agent, and other players and manager like Jose Mourinho and Cristiano Ronaldo, who Mendes happens to manage too. Some feel it’s a conflict of interest which can’t work long term. Others feel this is an outdated view and presents no real problems.

It’s hard to work out what does and doesn’t create a sustainable working model for the success of a football club, especially in the Premiership. All clubs, no matter how good, or bed have their tough times. Wolves have proved that their model works for them and so long as they can sustain it and keep players and fans happy there’s no reason why they can’t replicate the same success next season.

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