Difference between Football and Soccer

Difference between Football and Soccer

It is no secret that football happens to be one of the most popular sports in the world. As soon as the Football World Cup starts, craziness also starts. But then the question is; what is soccer and what is football? A lot of people do not really understand the difference. However, we are here to tell you that both games are different but do have some similarities.

Football and Soccer

Football is a name used to define sports that are played using the foot and a ball to score goals. For that reason; it can be used on any form of football. Some of the games that are associated with football are rugby, gridiron football, association football and Australian football. For those that do not know, association football is what we call soccer.

In football, a team comes with between 11 to 18 players that play certain, specified areas. In order to score points, each of the teams has to move the ball to the other team’s field end, which is usually over a specified line or into a goal area. On the other hand, in Soccer, the game is played with two teams on a field. The players have to move the ball into the opponent’s score area by kicking it. Sometimes, players can use their torsos or heads to move the ball but cannot use their hands. The goalkeepers are the only ones that are allowed to use their hands or arms in order to stop the ball. This is like online casino websites where you spin the reels with your hands.

It should be noted that in both football and soccer, there is a certain way in which the ball has to be moved. It can either be by carrying it, kicking it using the whole body or passing it to the next player. In soccer, the ball is kicked into the goal area and as mentioned above, players are not allowed to touch the ball with their hands.

In football, the scoring nature is different. This is because the team that scores the maximum goals at Match end is the one that wins. If it happens that there is a tie, there will be penalty shootouts which will determine the winner of the game.

In short, these are the main differences between the two sports. Even when you play at a casino online, you will notice that there are some games referred to as football slots while others are called soccer slots.