UEFA Super Cup 2019 – Liverpool vs Chelsea Betting Prediction

UEFA Super Cup 2019 – Liverpool vs Chelsea Betting Prediction

This year’s Super Cup is definitely a historic one. For the first time in the history of the super cup, it’s going to be held in Istanbul. The super cup is a one-match competition between the winner of the Champions League and Europa League tournaments. Hosting an event like this in the capital of Turkey hasn’t gone down well with either set of fans, with the distance to the game going from across the country to across Europe. With both teams boasting world-class key players, the differences come down to the standard of the rank and file of each side.

The Super Cup will also come just a few days after the start of the 2019/20 EPL season. In preparation for the event in question and the Premier League season, 22BET online sports betting site in UK offers predictions and boosted odds on the main games throughout the season.

Super Cup Contenders Comparison

When we look at both teams side by side, it’s not hard to see the numbers from this past season pointing towards a Liverpool walk-over. Chelsea have performed admirably this past season with a 3rd place finish. Liverpool, on the other hand did much better, almost winning the league. If they had won against Leicester or West Ham, it would have been a different story.

Liverpool Defence

Liverpool may have been runners-up in the Premier League, but in the Champions League they stormed through to win without much challenge other than a scary first fixture against Barcelona. Alisson did a brilliant job, conceding less than any other keeper in the league. The fullback department for Liverpool is looking good, with the likes of young-gun Robertson on left and Trent Alexander-Arnold on right. Liverpool’s key centre-back is Virgil van Dijk, possibly the best in the Premier League right now.

Liverpool Midfield & Attack

The centre of the park at Liverpool has options ranging from Oxlade-Chamberlain, who’s versatile enough to play wide, through to Henderson who’s a strong defender and a surprisingly creative playmaker when opportunities arise. The attack includes three top-class options Sadio Mane, Roberto Firmino and Mohamed Salah.

Chelsea Defence

Chelsea only finished one place below Liverpool in the Premier League last season. It should come as no surprise that Chelsea were in with a good chance of winning the Europa League, with mainstay Hazard supporting the squad throughout all competitions this last season. Against Liverpool, Chelsea will likely struggle. Kepa Arrizabalaga is the first choice keeper for Chelsea. In fullback, Zappacosta and Marcos Alonso lend solid support to the back line. At the centre of the rear-guard, you’ll find strength and experience in Azpilicueta and David Luiz.

Chelsea Midfield & Attack

In the centre midfielders, you’ll find Kante and Jorginho as go-to options. Wings will now mainly include Willian and Pedro, both established technical dribblers. Higuain should be a solid choice alongside Giroud, with both having strength, aerial ability and excellent finishing.

UEFA Super Cup Predictions

It’s already clear the Liverpool will be coming out on top. They’ve got a better class of player all over the pitch and with Hazard on the way out for Chelsea, the attack won’t have Hazard to rely on. The result will likely be similar to 2-0 to Liverpool. Those that feel confident in this outcome can bet on Super Cup 2019 on 22BET.