Eden Hazard Rejected Premier League Offers for Real Madrid

Eden Hazard Rejected Premier League Offers for Real Madrid

The very loved Eden Hazard has refused bigger offers from the Premier League, settling for achieving his dream, which was joining Real Madrid. According to Azpilicueta, Hazard has been offered bigger deals from English teams, yet he chose to not betray the Blues. Instead, he joined Real Madrid this month, with a £150 million deal.

The Story Behind Eden Hazard’s Transfer

Eden Hazard has moved from Lille to Chelsea back in 2012. In the Premier League, he became one of the best players, as he scored not only 85 goals, but 54 assists as well. Therefore, Chelsea has lost a valuable player who was helping the team thrive, while Madrid has earned a gem that will shine in the upcoming matches.

It was because of Hazard that Chelsea will be participating in the Champions League, as he was the one to score most in their favour. Azpilicueta, his team-mate whom he has known for many years, has voiced his sadness about Hazard’s transfer, but also his best wishes and praises for the Belgian star. According to him, Hazard has always dreamt of playing alongside Real Madrid, so he will surely do his best, considering what a big opportunity this is.

In the past, Hazard has worked with Stamford Bridge, for which he scored as much as 110 goals.

Gianfranco Zola Speaks about Hazard’s Transfer

Former team-mate and a legend of Chelsea, Zola has voiced his admiration for Eden Hazard and his talent. He thinks that while Chelsea has lost such a key part of their team, Madrid has earned it and can use it to its best advantage. Hazard has been thriving this year like never before, and Zola thinks he is indeed deserving to be taken into Real Madrid.

In addition, when Zola was asked to choose between himself and Hazard, he declared he’d pick Hazard, despite being difficult to make comparisons.

What to Expect from Hazard Now?

Eden Hazard will make an appearance for Los Blancos in the friendlies of the pre-season, so if you like to bet on football, make sure to support him. Check the football betting odds on https://maxfootballbets.com/ and be ready to support the Belgian legend player.