The latest Premier League results

The latest Premier League results

The new season of the English championship has started, and it is now as simple as possible to follow all the Premier League results on the website of sports statistics, which provides all the information on this championship.

The almost perfect start of the new draw was performed by Manchester City. This season the current champion of England is seriously set to win the champion title, which is confirmed by the results of their first matches.

Описание: Картинки по запросу ман брайтон 4:0

In summer, Josep Guardiola’s squad was not too active in the transfer market, but a couple of acquisitions can be highlighted. This is Rodri, who was purchased from Atletico Madrid and has already become an important player in the middle of the field. As well as Cancelo, who will now help to strengthen the defence flank of the Citizens. The Portuguese moved to Manchester City from Juventus.

With such a selection of football players, the Premier League results of Josep Guardiola’s team should become even better. Although it is very difficult to imagine because the team has been demonstrating phenomenal statistics for 2 years in a row, confidently breaking away from its pursuers.

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The main competitor of the current champions of England will be Liverpool, which also looks great at the start of a new draw. But the Citizens have several advantages over the Reds:

  1. Great experience in the fight for the champion title. It’s enough to recall the previous season when the City was ahead of Liverpool by only 1 point.
  2. Cool selection of performers. Plus, we should note that the Citizens managed to strengthen their roster, while the Reds were passive in the transfer market. The long bench allows Guardiola to skillfully rotate the athletes and even long-term injuries of the leaders won’t become a serious challenge for the team.
  3. Qualification of the coaching staff. Despite the fact that Klopp is a great coach, just look at the number of trophies won by Guardiola to understand that he is on a qualitatively different level.

You can always follow the development of the championship race in England on 777score. Right at the start of the championship, Liverpool and Man City began to break away from their competitors. This once again confirms that it is these teams that are now at a qualitatively different level and are able to defeat virtually any opponent.

For the Citizens, the main motivation is to win the third consecutive league title, which earlier in the history of the Premier League only their principal rivals from United managed to achieve. Whether Josep Guardiola’s team will be able to write their name in history, you can find out on the website of sports statistics 777score.