5 Toughest Premier League Teams to Beat This 2019-2020 Season


The football community and sports fans all over the world are now celebrating the English Premier League (EPL) 2019-20 season. It is now the 28th edition of the world’s most prestigious football tournament.

For some who might not have known about this game, EPL was established in 1992, wherein Manchester City became the defending champion for two years in a row.

The Premier League has come a long way since its establishment, producing a lot of world-class football teams. It is also considered as a cross-border league that holds around 47 English football clubs and 2 Welsch. It usually takes place during weekends and often commences around May to August.

Moreover, the English Premier League was hailed as the most-watched and sought after football tournaments in the world. According to the EPL website, an estimated 3.2 million viewers in the United Kingdom watched the EPL championship during the Manchester Derby in season 2017-18. It was the highest peak for audience volume and continues to attract more as they are heading to the newest season this year.

In line with that, the action for this EPL season comes with the most considerable excitement. A lot of football fans are rooting for their favourite teams, especially for the defending champions, which is Manchester City.

The scores of each team are closely matched, giving a nail-biting match for all spectators. Hence, here are the top five competing sides of the newest EPL edition you should not miss as they are giving all their fans a head to head match.


Liverpool is on the top of the EPL’s 2019-20 season. They are one of the most famous English football clubs who recorded a lot of significant football wins in Europe. A total of eighteen titles for league matches and six cups for European football tournaments.

They have established their names well in football history, which makes them on top of their ball game in EPL today.

Today, Liverpool takes the first spot in the 2019-20 EPL season. They record the longest win streak gaining eight victories with no loss. They have taken over the defending champions, which is Manchester City and other football teams joining the said event.

Manchester City

Manchester City is the current titleholder of the last season of the Premier League. They took the second spot of today’s EPL leaderboard next to Liverpool. They recorded five wins and two losses in today’s Premier League match. Technically, there’s a lot of hard work for them to do so to defend their title.

Take note that Manchester City gained a lot of betting value for all sports bettors before the newest edition of EPL started. As the competition progresses, results are surprising. It is why Manchester City are all on their feet to retain their pride this season.

By the way, EPL betting games and other sports wagering tickets are available in Premier League official websites and other legal betting sites like TVG.


Arsenal Football Club is another team to beat in the Premier League this season. They might come as a silent team, but they can always slay in the football racing field of EPL. They took the third spot in today’s game as they record four wins, three draws, and no loss. They also gain popularity from most bettors as they might have a high probability to outlast Manchester City.

Besides, Arsenal has established its records so well. They tallied a total of 13 titles for English Leagues Championship games and other major awards for football tournaments. Make sure not to forget then when betting as they can always give you an excellent match.

Leicester City

Leicester City takes the 4th spot in the Premier League leaderboard. They tallied a total of 4 wins, two losses, and two draws. They were the champions of EPL in the 2015-16 season. Technically, they are the only club that won the championship of EPL by the time they initially joined this most prestigious football tournament.

They are also one of those teams that gained popularity from football fans when it comes to betting. They have a higher probability of regaining their pride since 2016. Rest assured that you will never go wrong betting for this team.


Chelsea team takes the 5th spot in the current standing of EPL. They have played a total of 8 matches the same with the four mentioned above, where they gained four wins, two losses, and two draws. They almost get tied with Leicester City, and the only variation was with the game points they earned.

Besides, Chelsea is known as the most successful football team in England. It is because they tallied around 30 prestigious awards from all leagues they joined. It is why they are one of the toughest teams to beat in this season of the Premier League.


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