West Ham captain pranks teammate with Candid Camera style ruse


West Ham United midfielder Declan Rice has once again proved he is an easy target for a wind-up after being pranked by teammate Mark Noble.

Rice, who was hilariously tricked by Chelsea’s Mason Mount during his summer holiday, fell for a far more elaborate hoax at the hands of the Hammers’ captain.

The 20-year-old had accompanied West Ham full-back Ryan Fredericks to a FIFA 20 event, but he was blissfully unaware that Noble and Betway Football had set him up for a major fall.

Using the services of a fake parking enforcement officer, Noble set up a scenario that suggested Rice had parked his Range Rover illegally.

The officer clamped Rice’s vehicle, sparking a hilarious stand-off between the pair when the Hammers star eventually came out of the building.

Egged on by Noble via a hidden earpiece, the officer proceeded to prank the unsuspecting midfielder with increasingly ridiculous comments.

A tow truck subsequently turned up, adding another layer into the hoax, before Noble finally revealed himself to his gullible teammate.

Rice certainly took the prank well, although Noble would probably be well advised to watch his back over the coming weeks.


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