Will Liverpool’s Season Hinge On Champions League Success?

Will Liverpool’s Season Hinge On Champions League Success?

It has been an unbelievable season for Liverpool. Jurgen Klopp’s side are on track to smash a host of records this season, with Arsenal unbeaten 49 games the one that stands out more than most. But will just 18 more points needed to win their first Premier League title, and first domestic title for 30 years, will their season actually be judged by how well they do in Europe?

The Premier League title race could be over shortly after the Cheltenham Festival, with punters being about to get the best value on betting sites Cheltenham 2020. But, with so many gamblers betting on Liverpool to win the Premier League, could this now see a surge of bets on them defending their European crown?

Title Secured

The Premier League title will be wrapped up by the time that the European season gets to its crucial stage, which means Liverpool will be able to use their squad smartly. This is a liberty that only Liverpool will be able to take advantage of, as other European heavyweights such as Real Madrid, Barcelona and Bayern Munich will be locked in a title fight.

Klopp could use that to his advantage by resting players such as Mohamed Salah, Virgil van Dijk and Sadio Mane for Premier League game. Obviously, that does come with risk, as they could lose their unbeaten record. However, would Klopp rather have two prestigious trophies from the season, or just the Premier League title and the record?

Comparison To Other Teams

There has been a lot of talk throughout the season where this Liverpool side ranks among the very best that we have seen in the Premier League. By the end of the season, the teams that are better than this Liverpool side could be condensed to just one. If they are able to go and break the Arsenal invincible record then statistically they will be better than that team.

However, if they win just the Premier League title, then there will still be experts that claim the treble-winning Manchester United side are better. The fact that Klopp has devalued the domestic competitions means that it is unlikely that they will win the treble, but success in the Champions League along with the Premier League title means that the debate could be opened. Also, Liverpool will need to sustain their dominance before they are touted among the best sides, as this will only be their first league title, while that treble-winning United side would three Premier League titles in a row, as well as the Champions League and FA Cup.

Best In Europe

Their success in last seasons Champions League put them on the right path to win their first title for 30 years, but if they can retain their European honour, then they would join the esteemed company. Only Real Madrid have successfully defended the title in the modern era, with many of the great teams throughout the years falling short. United’s team between 2007-2009 was unable to successfully defend their European crown, while Pep Guardiola’s famous Barcelona team were also unable to do it.

If Liverpool can defend their honour, then there will be a real debate as to whether this is the best football team that we have seen. However, if they only win the Premier League, then it is a complex argument with many people able to doubt their credentials.