5 online games to keep you entertained off-field

5 online games to keep you entertained off-field

Coronavirus disease has taken up the gravity of a global pandemic and as precautionary measures to fight it, most of the industry around the world has come to halt. Similarly, this pandemic has taken its toll on the world of football and as a consequence, most of the matches in football leagues around the world have been postponed or canceled. If you are a football player yourself, you must be feeling heartbroken just like us for this global condition requires each one of us to stay quarantined to avoid the spread of disease and thus, is keeping you off-field like the rest of players around the world.

In these stressful and frustrating times, we have made for you a list of exciting online games that you can enjoy while maintaining a social distance and play your part in fighting the pandemic:

  1. FIFA

We know that the footballer in you is dying to play football with your buddies once again. Fret not because you and your pals can still enjoy playing football online at FIFA Games. With their exuberant graphics, sound effects, and accurately updated player profiles, you will surely enjoy playing like the top football players in the world!


  1. Online cricket

Even though football might be your first love like most of the people around, you can use this time off-field to explore other games that are equally as much fun to play. An example of such games is cricket which is also favored in most parts of the world, especially the subcontinent. If you have not been much acquainted with the sport before, you can start playing online to get an introduction of the rules and find if it can capture your interest as well. There are a plethora of cricket games available online which are positively reviewed by critics and we’re sure you will like too.


  1. Online Casino Games

Without a doubt, casino games are some of the easiest games to play to keep yourselves entertained no matter how old you are or where you are from. They are offered in a huge variety that can capture the interest of every individual according to their preferences. You can find the best collection of all types of casino games on sites such as Get Lucky Casino and play any game you like from Blackjack and Poker to Slots and Online Roulette. Their most attractive features are the lucrative prizes and realistically achievable bonuses that they offer for new and old players alike. What makes these bonus prizes even more amazing is the fact that all these cash prizes that you win are then delivered to you in the form of real money! That’s a brilliant alternative to playing football on-field.

  1. 8 ball pool

This highly captivating online billiard game challenges your intellectual and geometric skills and also demands a great deal of concentration. Playing online, you can compete against hundreds of players globally and gain experience and rewards by playing tournaments and leagues. This is a great way to keep yourself hooked indoors!