Fantasy Premier League Soon to Hit 10 Million Users

Fantasy Premier League Soon to Hit 10 Million Users

In general, fantasy sports have attracted immense attention from sports fans. One of the more popular leagues is the Fantasy Premier League, which has fast become the world’s most significant Fantasy Football game with over 6 million players.

Keep reading to see how the Fantasy Premier League has changed the way people are enjoying the game. We’ll take a more in-depth look at what Fantasy Football involves and why it is so popular today.

What is FPL?

The Fantasy Premier League (FPL) provides players the chance to create a lineup with a personal touch. This unique format allows players to select their teams based on game favorites.

Fantasy sports betting does, however, function much like regular sports betting. Bookmakers base their Fantasy Premier League odds on fantasy scoring scenarios. Choosing an ideal lineup may require more work, though. It requires a lot of analysis of fixtures, team statistics, and so much more.

Growing Popularity

In 2003, participants in the FPL reached 75,000. By 2019, that count reached over 6 million players. There is no doubt as to how much the game has changed, especially since technology has increased the accessibility of the game to many more people.

While some platforms offer monetary rewards, the Fantasy Football League is mainly about the competition. Fans are competing in leagues against colleagues and friends to boost their overall ranking.

Scoring System

Throughout the game season, players receive points according to the following table:

Clean Sheets

Awarded after playing a minimum of 60 minutes and conceding a goal.

Red Cards

Players who receive a red card will continue with being penalized for conceded goals.


Awarded whether the assist is intentional or not. This term refers to rebounds, own goals, penalties, and free-kicks.

Bonus Points

This point system makes use of a range of statistics for each player. The bonus points are typically awarded to the top three players of the game.


Thanks to the perfect combination of internet and Premier League fame, the FPL has drawn more attention in recent years. Players are attracted to the idea of taking on the role of team manager and socializing with other sports fans.

Fantasy sports leagues are the ideal scenarios for users to play out their ideal leagues against friends and colleagues. It affords players the chance to participate in a hobby that requires very little investment and offers great rewards. It is no surprise that the league is on the fast track to reach 10 million users!