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Famous And Successful Soccer Coaches

As we know behind the success of your favourite soccer team is a leader who makes sure that his team goes into battle well prepared. Soccer coaches are judged by different things. Some are judged by the difference he made in teams, by the cubs he managed and also by the legacy they leave behind. We are going to talk about the most famous and successful soccer coaches who managed to di great, made an impact in the teams they managed and also managed to get several trophies.

Pep Guardiola

He makes a great impact on every team he works with. He has his attractive style of play which makes him famous and he also ins a lot of competitions. Guardiola started of his career coaching Barcelona a famous and biggest sporting team in the world. He has won multiple La Liga as well as UEFA Champions Leagues. He has also been a coach to Bayern Munich which as big as Barcelona. Now he is currently the coach of the most talked-about team Manchester City which we can all agree has been doing well. We won’t be surprised to see online casino games based on him one day. He is very successful.

Sir Alex Ferguson

Ferguson is a winner, there wasn’t a major club competition that he did not win. He started his career as a coach in Scotland coaching Aberdeen. There he managed to win the Scottish Premier League in 1980. He became more famous and successful when he moved to Manchester United. With winning the English Premier League13 times, the FA Cups 5 times and the UEFA Champions league two time. Ferguson has become the most iconic coach in British soccer.

Vicente del Bosque

According to an article by bestunitedstatescasinos online casino, he is one of the most celebrated coaches in Spain. Bosque managed to win both the FIFA World Cup and the UEFA European Championship in two years from 2010-2012. This was the greatest achievement in his career. Having to succeed in international affairs is great but Bosque also managed to succeed locally as a coach of domestic teams. He did great with Real Madrid which also saw him winning the Spanish La Liga, UEFA Champions League as well.

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