Most Aggressive Premier League Soccer Players Ever

Most Aggressive Premier League Soccer Players Ever

The Premier League is one of the best soccer leagues in the world, if not the best, and if you Bet with BetMGM, you could be treated to some cool bonuses for this league. There are some top teams and awesome players over there in the UK, but there have also been some rather angry players over the years.

US betting isn’t always focussed on the Premier League, but it’s one of the main leagues in the world right now in terms of both betting interest and competition. Without further ado, let’s look a little closer at those players who just could not keep their emotions in check on the field.

Those who Saw the Red Mist

  1. Duncan Ferguson

Good old Duncan Ferguson was one angry old boy out there on the pitch, as shown by his impressive record of 8 sending offs during his Premier League career. Ferguson played for Premier League clubs including Everton and Newcastle, but he also played a lot of his time in the Scottish Premier League. After all, he is Scottish.

It would seem that Duncan Ferguson wasn’t quite satisfied with just receiving red cards either, because he actually did jail time following an assault on another player during a game. That is simply unheard of in today’s world and definitely earned Ferguson the number one listing.

  1. Patrick Vieira

From the anger of a Scotsman to the fury of a Frenchman, Patrick Vieira was definitely an unhappy guy out there on the field at times. He is joint top of the leaderboard with Duncan Ferguson with 8 red cards in the Premier League, although he was somewhat milder than Ferguson, as only 2 of these 8 were straight reds.

Viera played in the Premier League under Arsene Wenger, and he enjoyed plenty of success with Arsenal. He was well-known for his physical style of play as well as his aggression, which is probably a reason why he was disciplined so heavily by referees. Apart from his records for being sent off, Vieira was actually quite a talented player.

  1. Richard Dunne

It would appear that UK-based soccer players are receiving a bit of a bad reputation in this article, as Richard Dunne also obtained many red cards and is from Ireland. Richard Dunne enjoyed spells at several Premier League clubs in his time including Manchester City, Aston Villa, and Everton. Dunne is actually the holder of another record in the Premier League too, as he scored a total of 10 own goals during his career, something which is rather embarrassing indeed.

Richard Dunne was more of an in the middle type player regarding his portfolio for straight reds and yellow cards, as he amassed 4 straight reds and 4 reds resulting from a second yellow card. This puts him at the top of the tree alongside Patrick Vieira and Duncan Ferguson, and to this day their records of aggression have not been beaten – but maybe that is a good thing?