The Top 5 Sports that People Love to Wager On

The Top 5 Sports that People Love to Wager On

The sports betting industry is getting bigger each year. As it becomes more widespread in the US and many other different countries, more people are starting to get into it. It also helps that technology has made betting easier for many people out there.

It’s no longer hard to place bets on any sports nowadays. There’s no need to travel just so you can go to a physical sportsbook which is typically located near stadiums. Nowadays, you can place your bets online or even with your smartphone through the William Hill Mobile App and many other betting apps to choose from.

  • European Football or Soccer

European football or soccer is the most wagered on sports around the world. This is especially in the UK and European countries. It is estimated that at around 70 percent of the global gambling revenue each year is from this sport alone.

Some of the most popular football leagues that people follow and wager on are the English Premier League, the English Football League, the UEFA Champions League, Serie A, and La Liga. These are mainly held in the UK, Italy, and France.

It is estimated that this sport has over 3 billion followers and so it just makes sense that it is the most wagered on sports around the world.

  • American Football

Now, even if soccer or European football is the most wagered on sports around the world, it isn’t really the same for the United States. American football is what the Americans are very much fond of when it comes to wagering, putting soccer only on the third spot in the country.

The American Gaming Association reported that in 2018, over 4.7 billion US dollars was wagered on the 2018 Super Bowl alone. What’s even crazier is that this amount is only wagered by the Americans. It still doesn’t include the amount that people outside the US have wagered with.

The NHL and the Super Bowl are simply what Americans in the majority of the states in the US are looking forward to each year. Even people who are not sports fanatics would even watch Super Bowl because it surely is an event that not only athletes are involved in. Even celebrities and musicians who will be guesting on this sports event are looked forward to by many.

  • Basketball

When people talk about basketball in the United States, it’s always just about the NBA and March Madness. March Madness is big in the sports betting industry. It is estimated that around 10 billion US dollars were made in revenues during last year’s March Madness.

Punters would really go all out on this. Unfortunately, this year, March Madness is canceled because of the worldwide health crisis. Fans will surely have to wait by next year before they can wager on this event again.

Meanwhile, this year’s NBA was still on-going when the pandemic hit the US pretty badly. The rest of the NBA season was suspended just right after the game between Utah Jazz and Oklahoma City Thunder tipped off. It was a shock for many and it was surely a memorable NBA moment. Punters from around the world would also wager billions of dollars for this sports event.

  • Horse Racing

Anywhere in the world, there probably is horse racing. In fact, this is what mainly started getting people interested in sports betting. Horse racing is pretty much everywhere, but Europe is also very well known for this. The Grand National is one of the most awaited horse racing events each year.

The Grand National has around 600 million followers and the majority of them would place a wager on the races. In 2017, the Grand National attracted over 300 million pounds of bets from people around the world.

In the US, it has to be the Kentucky Derby that is extremely popular in the country. It is an annual horse racing event that takes place in Louisville, Kentucky every first Saturday of May. As of now, this is already postponed and is rescheduled to happen on September 5, 2020, because of the pandemic.

  • Tennis

Tennis is also popularly wagered on by many punters from around the world. Coral Spokesman Simon Clare said that there has been a surge in tennis betting in the last decade that the revenue it is bringing is getting close to what the European football or soccer is making.

This could also be because there are a lot of tennis events that are played around the world each year. It’s also a perfect sport for in-play betting, and in-play betting is becoming more and more popular because of how exciting this can be. Back then, in-play betting was close to impossible, but technology has made this easy for the operators and punters. With this, we can expect tennis to gain more followers because of in-play betting.