Liverpool May Start Training Again in Mid-May, A Few Weeks Before the Possible Return of the Premier League

Liverpool May Start Training Again in Mid-May, A Few Weeks Before the Possible Return of the Premier League

It has been almost a month now since the rest of this year’s English Premier League has been cancelled because of the threat of the 2019 coronavirus or COVID 19. The League has been hoping to resume the rest of the season by June and it is likely to happen based on the recent updates.

A video conference call was held last week regarding Project Restart. This is what they are calling proposals that the League is getting when it comes to how the Premier League should resume. There were a few proposals that were laid on the table but so far, there are still no solid plans regarding what would really happen.

The fans of the Premier League will still have to wait for the next meeting and the updates from the government regarding the lockdown. Fans will still have enough time to prepare for their comeback and prepare their wagers. They can still check to know the best online bookies out there.

Now, with the rumours that the League will be back by next month, Liverpool has already set a tentative date of when they will be heading back to practice. This is if the government will no longer be extending the lockdown in the country.

The re-opening of Melwood will be the start of the final months that Liverpool will spend here while training as they are set to move to a new base in Kirkby this year. It is said that this new training ground is worth 50 million pounds.

Based on reports, if in case the lockdown restrictions have been lifted, the team will still only train with limitations. Pedro Chirivella spoke about this and said, “We have been told that until mid-May we will train separately. Then three or four weeks training with the group and if we can, we could play in June.”

Well, people probably think that these players have completely stopped training since the issue of pandemic rose, but all of them have been working from home since March 23. They all have their individual training regimes to adhere to, but they also do workouts as a squad over Zoom online meetings.

What they want to make sure of is that the players of the team have their own challenges when it comes to training. This is to ensure that they won’t get rusty once Melwood reopens after the lockdown set by the government.

Liverpool’s morale is still high and they are all still healthy and energetic despite the on-going crisis. This is mainly because of how they’re looking forward to being crowned as champions once this season ends. After all, they are just six points away from being crowned the champions. This will be the first time since 1990 and it’s simply long-awaited.

Even if everybody is already certain that Liverpool will win the title, the team is sowing no relaxed form and the league is still determined to finish the whole season before crowning them. The UEFA was just really firm about finding ways for the European leagues to play out the rest of the season for this year. They just didn’t want to abandon the leagues like what happened to Belgium’s FA.

When the suspension of the EPL was announced, there were rumors that the team will be crowned champions even before the season ends. However, the league wanted to end things the way they should. This is also to make sure that the rest of the places will be secured and fairly taken by the clubs.

Aleksander Ceferin, UEFA president spoke about Liverpool’s crowning and said, “I see no way Liverpool would end up without the title. If it is played, theoretically they are not yet guaranteed, but practically it is decided. And if it could not be played, it would also be necessary to announce results.”

He added, “I do not see a scenario where would not be Liverpool. I understand that fans will be disappointed if it happens in an empty stadium or even at a boardroom table, but I believe they will win the title one way or another.”

The next video call conference between the leagues will take place after the government speaks about whether the lockdown will be extended or not on May 10. By then, the UEFA and the rest of the clubs will have more information on how the EPL will come back on next month.