What’s Next for the Project Restart of EPL After Getting the Green Light from the Government?

What’s Next for the Project Restart of EPL After Getting the Green Light from the Government?

Last week, the UK government has already given the English Premier League the green light to be back on June 1. It has been over two months since the EPL was put on hold due to the threat that the 2019 coronavirus or COVID19 has. Since then, the league has been hoping to resume the matches by June and fortunately, the government is fine with this.

The government believes that the comeback of major sports leagues like the EPL would help lift the spirits of the people, and this is definitely true. Many football fans were dismayed about the EPL being postponed. However, it was for the best and so people just really went with it.

This Sunday should have been the final match of this year’s EPL. Many fans who would usually wager on the league just switched to visiting and wagering on an EPL Simulated Reality League betting site while the league is on hold. However, fans are simply looking forward to the return of this year’s EPL, and luckily for them, they might be able to place EPL wagers again next month.

The main question right now is whether it will return as soon as June kicks in. It is unlikely that it would immediately come back on June 1. The league has been vocal about returning by the weekend of June 12 and it might be the case. However, there is still a possibility that the league and the clubs won’t be ready by that time.

While the league has been working hard to bring the matches back on as soon as they could, a few players have already expressed their concerns about having to play again. Players like Newcastle United’s Danny Rose and Watford’s Troy Deeney have expressed their concerns about returning. They are concerned about their own health and of their family’s health as well.

The cub officials were reported to have been holding meetings about the legal liability for any player who became seriously ill. The responsibility will have to fall on them. The meetings also tackle the safety of the players when it comes to the venues of the matches.

Initially, it seemed that the matches are to be held on neutral grounds. This is to make sure that no fans will be loitering around during the matches. The matches are to be held closed doors and if they will be playing in their own stadiums, it may be hard to avoid having fans come over. However, there are clubs that are against playing on neutral grounds.

This is why during the next meeting, the clubs will be updated on the talks with the police or the authorities and the safety committees about their request to still be able to play on their own stadiums. It’s hard to tell at this point whether they will be allowed to play at home.

Currently, the teams have already started testing the players and coaches for the virus. According to reports, a total of 1,600 weekly tests will be anticipated across the 20 clubs involved in the EPL. Some of the players from different clubs have already resumed training, but they do this with social distancing or in isolation.

Liverpool has already reopened Melwood for their training, but there are still restrictions. Only up to three athletes are allowed to train in the vicinity and the training facilities are not yet completely open. They are only allowed to use the place for running because this has been their struggle since the lockdown. It’s hard for the players to utilize the streets and the parks because fans would recognize them.

Speaking of practice, Manchester’s City Raheem Sterling talked about the need for practice before returning to the competition. Sterling said that training for four to five weeks is necessary for them to get back on track.

Newcastle’s manager, Steve Bruce, shares the same thoughts. Bruce said in an interview that the timescale is usually six weeks. He said that he just doesn’t see how they can play games even until the back end of June.

The planning for the restart of this year’s EPL still has quite a lot to go through. With how everything is going, it may be hard to have things ready by the weekend of June 12. The league is more focused on keeping things going, however, rather than returning on their target date. They do want the rest of the season to be finished by July 31, but right now, they are just doing everything they could to be ready for next month.