After 30 years of waiting Liverpool is once again a champion in the English Premier League

After 30 years of waiting Liverpool is once again a champion in the English Premier League

It is now official – after 30 years of painful waiting, Liverpool is again the champion of England. The giants, who had never finished first in the Premier League (founded in 1992), finally broke the ordeal and, with a little help from Chelsea on Thursday night against Manchester City, the Merseysiders are English Premier League champions and put an end to the torturous more than 11,000 days in which Liverpool could not be called “England’s champion”.

After a record-breaking season in the English elite, Liverpool did not have the honour to officially win the title on the pitch after Chelsea stopped Manchester City at Stamford Bridge with 2: 1 and prematurely made the “reds” unreachable at the top. Even during the Christmas holidays, the main question was not whether Klopp and company will win the title, but when this will happen, and, officially, June 25, 2020 (English time) is the date on which the black series without a championship trophy ends. According to statistics, Liverpool is currently 86 points 7 rounds before the end, and the difference with City is 23 points with a maximum number of wins – 21.

Liverpool was the undisputed №1 during the Premier League season, winning against every single opponent. Also, the team has suffered only one defeat so far, and with the pace at which it moves, it is still possible to cross the 100-point mark and improve a bunch of other records, most of which are currently held by Manchester City. It is the “citizens” who cede the crown to their opponent, after last season in a dizzying race they managed to win the championship in the last round with only 1 point. This further motivates Klopp’s players, who did not lose steam from the very beginning of the Premier League and at no time were in any other position in the standings, except in the first.

This is the second champion in the last 5 years, which was determined in a match of Chelsea, and the fate of Leicester in 2016 was similar. Then the “foxes” became champions while the team watched the match of the “blues” against Tottenham on television.

For Liverpool, this is the 19th title in England, and the difference with the record holder Manchester United is only 1. As is known, during the era of “Sir Alex Ferguson”, the “red devils” managed to win 13 titles.