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Premier League: “We Need To improve” – Pep Guardiola

If Manchester City ever intends to regain back the top status from Liverpool, things need to change. This, at least, is what Manchester City club manager Pep Guardiola thinks, following a loss that he believes should not happen again to his team. For the ninth time this season, Manchester City lost to Southampton after a momentous goal from Che Adams delta the finishing blow to the team in their most recent game.

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Man City manager Guardiola expressed his feelings towards the recent loss that his team experienced, how big of an impact it made to him and the entire club, and the challenge that they are facing now in the face of the championship.

“We played really well, but it was a little bit the résumé of this season. We make one mistake, they punish us,” said Guardiola. “We lost a lot of games and losing a lot of games you cannot compete to win Premier Leagues. We need to improve because it happened many times this season.”

However, Guardiola explained that spending a huge amount of money on singing new players to the team is not part of their plans of regaining the top place in the standing. Usually, a team that wished to boost their playing power would resort to acquiring new players at the expense of spending more money.

“I think we played good,” he explained. “The desire, the character to play until the end was there, we put Southampton with 10 players in the penalty spot, so we did really well. When you review the games and the chances we created you cannot do more. I like the way we played but it is not enough.”

Premier League standing

As of June 7, 2020, Liverpool is still at the top place in this season, winning 29 matches out of the 33 that they played so far, with only two losses and two draws. Second in line is Manchester City, with 21 wins out of 33 matches players. So far, Man City lost nine games in the season and had three draws. Other clubs/trams that are part of the top 5 include, in order, Leicester City, Chelsea, and Manchester United.

In the previous 2018-2019 season, Manchester City took the championship home, winning 32 matches out of the 38 that they played. The team only lost four times and had two draws. On the other hand, Liverpool was only second in place back then. The team won 30 out of the 38 matches they played, and lost only one, but had seven draws. The last five matches of both teams were all wins.

Where to watch the Premier League?

If no other postponements or league issues will come along the way, the Premier League is set to close the 2019-2020 season on Sunday, June 26, 2020. Overall, 92 games will be played on this leg of the season, which started with the kick-off match that was played on June 17, 2020. This season reopened following more than three months of being postponed due to the lockdowns brought about by the coronavirus pandemic.

Out of the 92 games this leg, 33 of them will be available to watch free-to-air. All games, on the other hand, would be broadcasted on a live commentary through BBC live. Fans can also watch the games through Amazon Prime.

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