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7 Ways to Find a Good Betting Opportunity

Sports betting is a great form of entertainment and it undoubtedly becomes even more fun if you can take money off the bookmakers on a consistent basis.

Knowing how to make a profit from betting isn’t easy, particularly in an era where you are never a few moments away from the next race starting or a game kicking off.

However, the advent of 24/7 betting also means that punters can be much more selective when it comes to deciding which wagers to place.

If you can maintain your self-discipline it is certainly possible to keep your gambling balance in the black, so read on as we look at some of the best ways to find a good betting opportunity.

Use Odds Comparison Sites

Knowing where to secure the best odds is a key component of betting, as this will help to ensure that you maximise your potential winning returns.

Odds comparison sites are a great resource in this respect, giving you the opportunity to assess the latest prices on your chosen event from across the betting industry.

OLBG analyses gambling odds every month and reports on the consistently best bookmakers by odds by sport – see here for more details.

Understand Betting Value

Obtaining value from your wagers is another crucial skill to possess if you want to have any chance of consistently making a profit from your bets.

In simple terms, value in betting is a situation where the odds being offered are greater than the actual probability of an event occurring.

Spotting value can be a tough task and requires a lot of discipline, but once you’ve developed the skill you will have a consistent edge against the bookies.

Horses for Courses

The phrase ‘horses for courses’ unsurprisingly originates from horse racing, but it can also be applied to numerous other sports.

In racing, some horses perform far better when they run at a specific track, so this scenario often represents a good betting opportunity.

Football is another sport where this ethos can be implemented, with some teams historically having an excellent record when they face a particular opponent.

Be Selective with Multiples

Trying to land an accumulator is a tempting proposition, with punters attracted to this style of bet due to the sizeable returns they can generate.

However, they are fraught with danger, with falls at the final fence or a last-minute goal often proving to be the scourge of bettors who place multiples.

It pays to be selective where accas are concerned, so look for opportunities to build banker double or treble bets rather than tilting at windmills.

Leverage Live Betting

Regularly backing short-priced favourites may seem like an easy path to profit, but it doesn’t make much sense from a value perspective.

Live betting presents a golden opportunity to extract more value from your banker bets, particularly if you can get your timing right.

For instance, a high-percentage winning team may start a game at odds of 1/4, but would drift out to a bigger price on the live markets if they failed to score an early goal.

Bet Big on the Comeback

The advantages of live betting become even greater if you are prepared to be brave and back your banker selection when they fall behind in a game.

Many professional punters choose this scenario to bet big on the original heavy favourite, working on the theory that their class will eventually shine through.

The odds on offer in this situation are always much greater than the original price and can significantly boost your winning returns if your team manages to stage a comeback.

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