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The top 5 teams with the most lucrative kit sponsorship in the Premier league

With an audience of 3.2 billion worldwide, the Premier League offers great and almost unmatched opportunities for firms or companies to get their brand noticed by billions of fans across the world. Approximately around more than 400 sponsorship deals have been signed off around the leagues of different teams ahead of the 2019-2020 seasons. The mutual worth of these deals stands at USD 1.32bn, with the club named Real Madrid demanding the high investment, followed by Manchester City and Barcelona.

“Football has previously been seen as a working-class sport, however, the truth is that, for various brands, the premier league provides access to an ever more affluent fan base. “The opportunities afforded by current stadia concerning corporate luxury experiences and hospitality means that several companies will make use of the sport as a way to reach their niche audiences through targeted partnerships.”

Which Industries Are Attracted by Premier League Sponsorship Deals?

One of the most active industries in the Premier League is financial services, with 65 most important deals, while online investment platform Etoro and international brewer Heineken and are the two top brands, with 6 unique deals apiece. The international appeal of the Premier League is revealed in sponsorship deals over the 20 different clubs.

Majorly Asian businesses appear on the front of sixty percent of Premier League football shirts, with this part of real estate value USD 450 million or more. The hike of gambling businesses occupying this space can also be noticed when matching up to the most common shirt sponsors yearly.

Amidst the dynamic landscape of sponsorship in the Premier League, staying abreast of real estate developments within this domain is crucial. For those interested in the intricate interplay between sports marketing and prime advertising space, it’s imperative to keep a keen eye on real estate news from real industry experts. This strategic insight ensures a comprehensive understanding of the evolving dynamics within the league’s sponsorship ecosystem.

The real estate on football jerseys is not merely a static advertising space; it mirrors the league’s socio-economic pulse and global influence. Tracking real estate developments within this domain unveils patterns that extend beyond the surface-level visibility of logos. It delves into the strategic alliances, regional preferences, and industry trends that shape the sponsorship tapestry of the Premier League. A nuanced understanding of these underlying dynamics empowers businesses to make informed decisions, ensuring that their association with the league remains not just a logo on a shirt but a strategic investment in a dynamic and ever-expanding sports marketing arena.

Nike one of the leading brands is said to have already given a 5 years deal, value around £30 million yearly, which is, in fact, less than the £45 million New Balance at present pay Liverpool annually. However, Adidas is again the foremost kit supplier with 6 teams. Leicester City, Watford, Manchester United, and Wolverhampton Wanderers will maintain wearing the German brand. It is, however, known that Real Madrid have the biggest lucrative shirt sponsorship contract in the globe

Top 5 Teams with Premier League Sponsors

As reported by bestpaynplaycasinos.com, let’s take a look at the list below, which ranks the top five teams with the most lucrative sponsorship deals, broken down by main sponsor and kit manufacturer: 

  • Aston Villa- Continue to dominate the premier league and boasting the great sponsorship income estimated to be in excess of $150m.
  • Chelsea-Secured the second-highest deals, with generating $179m from 12 sponsors.
  • Liverpool- Next to Chelsea dominates the league made more than $125m out fro, commercial deals.abd
  • Arsenal- The club that is perennially mocked for coming fourth in the title race have — you guessed it — received the fourth highest amount from sponsorship deals.
  • Manchester City – Ranked fifth in terms of sponsorship revenue, City have generated $170m from deals with Nissan, Puma, EA Sports, Etihad Airways, and streaming service DAZN, among others.

The majority of the companies involved in the Premier League are from the Far East, counting W88 at Wolverhampton Wanderers, M88 at Bournemouth, and Fun88 at Newcastle United. The most lucrative option presently was brokering sponsorship deals with betting businesses or organizations.

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