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Can Pogba and Fernandes Thrive Together Midfield? Carragher and Neville Debate Its Possibility

Two of the biggest names in Manchester United are Pogba and Fernandes. Something that has become quite the bit of discussion though lately by Neville and Carragher, is if these two stars can actually play together and thrive on the field? When you get immense talent from two players, in some ways they can ultimately be bound to crash… 

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Neville did mention how Bruno Fernandes played ahead of the anchor midfield formed by Mctominay and Fredd, ultimately boosting the defence that Manchester United had in the game against Chelsea last Saturday. This ultimately allowed Pogba to be freed up, which allowed him to make some dangerous worthy and potential moves out on the pitch. 

Neville also stated how Pogba is a great player, yet due to his lack of discipline, this often explains as to why Solskjaer does not always pick him to play alongside others of the midfield playing status. Carragher believes that Solskjaer will be put under pressure in the next coming of months, to find some way of putting Pogba more frequently on the pitch as a constant midfield unit. Things are still unclarified in that sense, but fans have been talking and this may be the pressure needed to sway Solskjaer into making the correct team picks.

Neville also went on to say how Pogba is of the most courageous of the team, his skill and lack of fear to take risks, is another reason as to why he needs to come back into the team unit. That mentality is a winning mentality that many players do not have in such high quantities today to play with. 

Carragher found it hard to believe that Pogba possesses the discipline to exist in a tactical discipline and to be on the left side of Fernandes, yet we know this is the perfect position to actually unleash fire onto the playing field. It is very vital that the players in this position are aware fully of the responsibilities they need to follow through on. Pogba and Fernandes are the only two that could achieve the same quality of play within this position. A great example of this dynamic of playing actually was present within Silva and De Bruyne. The momentum between them meant they never had to look around, up etc. They would always know that each other would be there.

What was also mentioned on the Monday show, is that it is still quite strange that a player such as Pogba, with so much talent, cannot actually know where he is supposed to go and be for a goal kick. It is like he gets caught up in the momentum of gameplay and doesn’t actually realise what his role is on the field. Be it that he probably was instructed what to do by Solskjaer, before they all went on the pitch anyway.

Unfortunately, it is not always talent that makes a great player, you have to know what your strengths are on the pitch and really maximise that for your position there. Manchester United have not been such a great team in the past few years and that is something many actively know. Pogba being successful and renowned across playing for Juventus and the World Cup, was supposed to be the missing piece of the puzzle for United, however, he has had that much direction when he plays. It really does come down to discipline. That makes a great player indeed. You cannot think that you will make it on your own when you play on the pitch, you have to think that your qualities and discipline on the pitch alongside your teammates, completes the match momentum.

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