Top English Premier League Games in 2020


The year 2020 was an unprecedented and interesting year and the Premier League games of the year were no different. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, matches were played without fans in the stands, leading to declines in revenue and several games were even canceled. Fans were forced to watch and bet on the outcomes of games on non uk sites here from home.

Despite the doom and gloom, the 2020 Premier League season delivered some very memorable games with amazing highlights that fans are sure to remember for years to come. Here are the top English Premier League games of 2020.

  1. Brighton 2 – 3 Manchester United: This game was not just interesting but was historic as well. The game initially ended with the two teams tied at 2-2. However, the video assistant referees brought back the game and awarded Manchester a penalty kick. This decision led to the Manchester winning the game and was also the first time that a VAR would award a penalty following the end of a full-time game.This decision has proven to be rather controversial but speaks to the changing nature of football and how games might be played in the future.
  2. Liverpool 4 – 3 Leeds: This game saw Leeds go up against seasoned league veterans Liverpool. Ordinarily, this would phase any team but Leeds held their own throughout the game and scored impressive goals in the earlier parts of the match. They were narrowly defeated by Liverpool but they certainly put up a tough fight and put themselves high on the list of clubs to watch for the 2020 season.
  3. Manchester City 2 – 5 Leicester: Over the years, the thought of Manchester City and Leicester duking it out on the pitch send fans into a frenzy, and for good reason. The 2020 game was no different, with Leicester defeating Man City 5-2 and taking their place at the top of the league table for the 2020 season. Here’s to hoping for more entertaining Man City and Leicester games in the future.
  4. Manchester United 1 – 6 Tottenham Hotspur: At the beginning of this game, you would be forgiven for assuming Man U would be the obvious winner.After all, Bruno had secured a penalty in the first minutes of the game. However, the Hotspurs had an amazing recovery, scoring an amazing 6 goals and coming out on top in one of the most interesting rebounds in the 2020 season that kept Hotspur fans on the edge of their seats.
  5. Aston Villa 7 – 2 Liverpool: Supporters of Liverpools suffered an embarrassing loss of 5 goals to Aston Villa in the 2020 season just after Manchester United also suffered a 5-goal defeat during a game. While their fans might have felt the sting of defeat and online mockery, it is these kinds of games that keep fans glued to their seats and social media ablaze.

As unpredictable as it was, the 2020 season brought us the above amazing games and hopefully, the upcoming season will deliver as well.



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