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How many Premier League teams are sponsored by gambling companies?

The gambling industry remains a long sponsor for sports teams. The obvious reason for this is that gamblers are more likely to spend money on the teams they support. Therefore, it’s a mutually beneficial relationship.

There are many examples of teams with gambling sponsors. Moreover, it’s not just horse racing either.

Several Premier League teams have gambling sponsors. The Premier League maintains a strict policy on gambling. It includes bans on players, managers, and club officials betting on football matches. However, some clubs have sponsorships by betting companies, with their logos visible on the shirts.

PL Teams with Gambling Companies

Most gambling companies remain a favourite partner with clubs regarding shirt sponsorships. Nine of 20 Premier League clubs feature a gambling company in front of their shirt.

This is much less or more in comparison to the previous four seasons. Moreover, the two latest clubs earned promotions in the Premier League (Watford and Brentford) with a gambling sponsorship deal thereafter.

The Cost To Be On Premier League Jerseys Is Expensive.

The Premier League is the most-watched football league in the world. If you include all of the rights deals and media sales, it’s the most-watched sports league globally. That’s because it has so much money to throw around. That money comes from sponsors like gambling companies that want their brands on jerseys and other merchandise.

The cost to have your brand on a Premier League jersey is expensive. However, the exposure that comes with it is worth it for companies like Betway.

What Has The FCA said About Gambling Sponsorships?

The FCA revealed that gambling companies should not take part in sports sponsorship. Recently, the regulator published a report on the issue, which stated that it was “not appropriate for our rules to allow a financial services firm to sponsor a team or event where the result is relevant to its business.”

It added that this was especially true if the sponsor was interested in the outcome of the match or game.

The report also stated that gambling sponsorships might encourage people to engage in activities they would not otherwise have done. This could include encouraging people to risk more money than they can afford on betting websites.

Why Are Gambling Companies Advertising So Much?

Gambling companies are advertising so much. This is because they know that there’s no better way to attract people than by getting them to play the game in their own homes.

Gambling companies don’t care if you win or lose. They just want you to keep playing.

The best way to do this is through the power of advertising. They have a lot of money, and they’re willing to spend it on TV, radio, and online ads to reach as many people as possible with their message.

The report concluded that it believed there was a need for “greater transparency” when it came to sports sponsorship deals.

Final Takeaway

The proliferation of gambling companies in sponsoring PL teams is growing. However, there is an expected change in law by FCA. This is arguably because of the online gambling addiction problems especially with betting sites not on gamstop. We can only wait for the future.

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