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Who Won the Premier League 21/22 and Who Could Do Better?

There were a lot of disappointments from the Premier League teams, even if 2022 was a great year for soccer. The Champions League had some of the most amazing matches in the past decades, and it seems like English clubs didn’t have enough luck to get the title.

Even if the season ended with Manchester City taking the title, you could check the NFL Week 2 odds or see what are the MLB odds until the PL season starts in August. Only one club can take the title, but that doesn’t mean that other teams are not the winners. Some of the lower-ranked teams did a great job, and those that expected more have fallen behind.

The Premier League Winner

It wasn’t decided who would win the title until the last game because Liverpool was just behind Manchester City, but both teams ended up winning. The season went great for the team, but they expected a lot more in the Champions League. This is why most fans are not satisfied with only one title.

They made some changes to the team for the upcoming season and signed Haaland, the biggest deal in the Premier League this year. A lot of professionals are still on their side, and it seems like they are going for the title again, but nothing can be sure until the season starts.

Brentford Made Great Debut

This was a huge surprise because Brentford did an amazing job against the top teams. It doesn’t matter to their fans that they ended up in the 13th place because of a great season. Playing against the best teams in the world isn’t easy, and scoring is a huge success, especially if you came from a lower league.

They won against Chelsea and Arsenal but also scored three goals against Liverpool, which was one of the favorites for the Champions League title. They are the third team in PL history that manages to win that amount of games in their first Premier League season.

Manchester United in a Bad Position

Most teams that are valued at over $3 billion are winning titles like Real Madrid, but it seems like Manchester doesn’t have a great path. They expected to change the situation in the Premier League because Liverpool and Manchester City have been dominating for a few years.

But, even the return of Ronaldo didn’t change anything, and they went from bad to worse. Being in 6th place is high for them, considering how many bad games they’ve played. Their only great news for the upcoming season is the new manager Erik Ten Hag.

Just Not Enough Luck

Liverpool is the team without any luck this season, considering they were 2nd in the Premier League and Champions League. This doesn’t mean that they did a poor job; they are still considered one of the best teams in the world. CL was relatively easy for them, and the final wasn’t very interesting to watch, with only one goal scored.

Being the second-best team in Europe is a great success, and they will definitely try to win the PL in 2023. They will lose a few key players, but there are new youngsters joining the team. These are some of the most talented players that will lead the team to the CL final again.

Pretty Bubbles in the Air

West Ham is slowly but surely progressing in the national league, ending up in the 7th place just after Manchester United. They had a chance against Brighton to overtake the 6th place and play in the Europa League next season, but they will need to wait another year for that.

It was a fantastic year for them, and we will see a lot of bubbles in the air in 2023. Their goal for the season would be to finish in the top six. This may not be that hard, considering how many teams are struggling with players.

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