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Will Fulham Stay in the EPL After the 22/23 Season or Continue the Tradition?

It wasn’t a surprise when Fulham confirmed their return to the English Premier after another season of dominating the Championship. The team was on fire, and they blazed through the league with complete ease. They were like a full driving force trying out at the Quaker State 400. The team was that good.

They won 27 games in 46 matches, drew nine, and lost 10. In addition, they scored 106 goals and only conceded 43 throughout the season—one of the best records by any team in the Championship. 

Aleksandar Mitrovic broke many records leading the line for Fulham. He scored over 40 goals. And his goal and assist record was about 50 at the end of the season. 

However, with this incredible record, there is no telling how they would perform in the league because we’ve seen them come and go in recent years. They’ve been yo-yo-ing between the Championship and EPL since they made it out in the 2017/2018 season. Therefore, we don’t know if this would be just another appearance or if they would stay. 

But, the difference now is that they were completely dominant, showing that the team has improved, and with Marco Silva at the helm, we might see a different Fulham team. Their shape and play pattern is different from the all-out attack we were used to when the team played under Scott Parker and Claudio Ranieri. 

In that case, we’ve already seen an exciting team that can go all the way and stay in the league as they work under Marco Silva, who has EPL experience, thanks to his time with Everton. Therefore, we would love to see how the team would shape up and if they would get in any new players. 

It’s hard to predict which team would stay or go after the end of the season, but Fulham has been notorious for dropping after one season. So, join us as we look at this new Fulham team and see our opinion on if they would be able to stay in the league after this season. Keep reading to find out more. 

Aleksandar Mitrovic and the Frontline

The man leading the line is Mitrovic, and the team would rely heavily on him to provide the goals. Therefore, they would have to hope that he gets clear chances and spaces afforded him in the Championship that saw him net 40+ goals last season. But one thing is sure: the team won’t have an easy pass.

They would have to work on Mitrovic converting half chances and getting into spaces to ensure he can score with the tight spaces in the league. Undoubtedly, if there is a problem with Mitrovic getting goals, it will spell doom for the team, and they won’t get to stay up in the league for another season. Also, the other forwards have to pitch to give the team a better chance. 

The Defensive Line

Another part of the team that can make or break them is the defense line. If there is a leak in the defense, there would be a huge problem, and holding on would be difficult because many teams can outscore Fulham in the league. Therefore, they must find a way to concede fewer goals and ensure they score more.

In that case, Marco Silva has to work on getting his team to work well at the back and ensure they have a solid outing as they face different teams in the league. If they can get their defensive work sorted out, the team has the chance to gather enough points to keep them in the league for another season. 

Creativity and Taking Chances

Creating chances is another bit they have to work on. The team cannot get better if they don’t create chances. 

Therefore, the midfield has their work cut out because it will be difficult to see the team stay another season if they don’t create enough chances for Mitrovic up front. Also, Silva has to find a way to work around Mitrovic being isolated up front.

In that case, other players have to step up to take chances. They need to find a way to score goals so that when Mitrovic can’t get the chances, others are doing the job. 

As a result, they can get the booster they need even in games that don’t look like they would win. In the end, they can get to the 40 points marker easily. 

Our Opinion

We think Fulham has the chance to go all the way and stay in the league for another season. However, they would need to beat enough teams to get there. 

So, their focus should be on the mid-table and lower teams to ensure they get enough points. It will be tough for the team, but it is not impossible. 

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