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EPL Betting: Benefits of international betting sites

UK football fans are absolutely ecstatic whenever they have a chance to engage in football matches, whether it is up in the stadium or at a bar over a pint surrounded by friends and fellow fans cheering for their favourite team. There is no feeling like watching a football match you are looking forward to. Some fans even like to go a little step further and put their mouth where their money is by betting on the ultimate triumph of their team or favourite player. After all, it does make sense if you think about it. If you are so convinced about your team’s capabilities and talents, what is the harm in betting some money on them? You show how much you believe in your team, and if that trust is indeed earned, you walk out with the satisfaction of having seen your team crush the competition and make some extra cash in the process. In short, everybody wins. If you are into sports betting and would like some good welcome bonuses to spice up your wages, stop by these online sports betting not on Gamstop sites and try out your luck.

For many UK and European football fans, the English Premier League is one of the greatest football competitions. This most prestigious football tournament in the UK pits football teams from all across the UK in order to find out which team is the greatest and who will take the cup home this year. Millions of people worldwide get together and tune in to watch all sorts of EPL matches wherever they can, at a local bar, at home alone, or with friends. Others like to go beyond and bet on certain aspects they predict will happen at the Premier League in order to make the event even more exciting.

Why look for international EPL betting sites?

If you are indeed someone who is interested in wagering in the EPL and wants to make the most money out of it, you need to look for the best online betting sites on the web. Rather than sticking solely with UK betting sites, you might want to expand and search for international betting sites that cover EPL matches. This might work out to your advantage for several reasons:

  • Practically all sports bookmakers cover EPL matches, so you have a wide selection of online casinos to choose from.
  • Select those that offer the best welcome bonuses and promotions to make the best out of your wager.
  • You have the option to wage on EPL regular bets, live-game bets and others such as EPL Futures Betting and Premier League Props. These will open doors to new and exciting varieties of betting that will make the match much more engaging and memorable. For instance, you can always bet on which teams will classify into the 7 top spots this EPL season.
  • There is big competition in the EPL online betting market as they all provide enticing offers and bonuses to stand out. All you have to do is search patiently for that one casino that will provide you with the prizes you are looking for.

Best Premier League Betting sites

Considering all these factors, we provide a list of the best 5 Premier League Betting sites available for the 2022-23 championship.

  • First of all, we have 888 Sport. Amongst their betting catalogue, they offer a wide variety of betting offers and promos, game coverage in live streaming and in-play betting. 888 Sport is a reputable and highly trusted gaming site. However, there are hidden fees on some payout methods, and it restricts betting limits for winners, so you might want to look for alternatives if you keep on winning.
  • 20 Bet is also a renowned name in the sports gambling scene. It has various sports betting markets with fast payouts and implements. It also has varied gambling features such as prop builders, live streaming, early cashouts and boosted odds. Although, some cons are that it does not accept crypto deposits for bonuses and is not available in the US.
  • Bet 365 is another very trusted and reliable name in sports betting. It allows winnings to be paid out faster than usual. It also possesses a wide variety of sports betting markets available with 24/7 live chat support for any concerns or doubts you might have. Unfortunately, it is restricted in many countries and offers fewer promotions than other sportsbooks.
  • We continue onward with 22 Bet. This bookmaker also offers a wide range of esports betting markets. Furthermore, they have dedicated iOS and Android mobile apps with easy-to-use interfaces and multiple bonuses, and also rebates for lost bets. One important con we need to mention is that, unlike Bet 365, it doesn’t offer phone support for inquiries.
  • Finally, we recommend Betway, as it offers odds boosts and early cashouts often. It is extremely well-regarded as an esports betting platform, and it even has its own phone app available. Unlike 22 Bet, it holds high deposit limits.

Advice for betting on EPL

Having already covered our five favourite EPL betting sites, we wanted to end this article with a few tips and suggestions that might be useful to you once you are betting on the EPL.

1: Do not take this list as the ultimate EPL betting guide; feel free to search for new sportsbooks that offer deals and prizes suitable to your specific needs.

2: Do your research before placing a bet. Before placing your bet, examine past matches, injury lists, tactical changes, managerial competence in Premiere League teams and other items. This will help you make an informed decision, thus increasing your chances of winning.

3: If, after having done your research, you come to the conclusion that your favourite team might not be a winning option, do not be afraid to bet on some other if it has more possibilities to win. Emotional attachments might end up overtaking rational thinking and lead towards making the wrong decisions. Be smart, and play to win.

4: Manage a betting budget and stick to it. When you get excited over winning or losing, you increase risks and end up losing more than you expected. Keep a cool head, look at Sports Betting Strategy Guides to learn more about your favourite games and do not waste money on lost causes.

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