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The most exciting Premier League matches this season

For many football fans worldwide, few occasions are as unique and exciting as the English Premier League. From 5th August 2022 to 28th May 2023, football fans will rejoice in multiple matches starring their favorite teams against their most loathed competitors. It is one of the most important and renowned football championships of all time, and we are just as excited as you are for the upcoming matches waiting for us this season. While all games might be equally important to some, it is hard to deny that some bouts will be more exciting than others. For instance, matches between two famed Big Six are bound to be events of great excitement for fans of both teams and whoever enjoys English football. Knowing the previous games and how to get around Gamstop, in case you need it, is essential if you plan to bet on your favorite match.

To begin with, the teams making the Big Six are Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspur, perhaps even adding Newcastle United as an unofficial Big Seven this season. This season is bound to be even more exciting since this will be the only season in which there will be a six-week break between November and December due to the upcoming 2022 Qatar World Cup. Although we will have to wait sometime for the next few EPL games, we will have a new range of games to watch in the Qatar World Cup and a new reason to be excited. It is, therefore, in the English national team’s best interest to ensure their players arrive in Qatar in tip-top condition for the game and not let petty rivalries get in the way of the World Cup. The league’s fans will be doubly excited with this season’s EPL and the current World Cup.

You never know if England will take home the World Cup this year and repeat the 1966 miracle. Nevertheless, this year is going to be a fascinating one for football fans all over the world.

2022/23 Premier League matches

We will be privileged to have some truly exciting football matches this EPL season. When we refer to exciting, we focus mainly on what teams will be playing and which matches are the ones most worth tuning in for. Last season certain specific teams gave us tremendous performance in terms of skill, scoring and teamplay; those are the teams worth keeping an eye on. As previously stated, these are the famed Big Six, but that does not mean we should only keep an eye on the Big Six and expect them to win all the time. The underdog concept exists for a reason and depends on several factors such as team management, cooperation, team play and style; even the weakest team may overcome the odds and win against a seemingly superior opponent.

Manchester City vs. Liverpool

This was a much-anticipated match as both teams clashed strongly for the EPL title last season. A duel between titans this 16th October ended in Liverpool’s victory against champion Manchester City 1-0. However, another upcoming match, on 1st April 2023, will match these two teams again. Many factors make these matches some of the most exciting ones in this championship, such as their famed and well-earned rivalry.

Manchester City’s Pep Guardiola is currently considered the best manager in the world, and having Erling Halaand within their ranks will make for exciting gameplay. All these factors favor Manchester City as the potential winner this 2022/23 EPL season. Even though Liverpool seems to be slouching 9th place in the rankings, one never knows if the winds might turn in Liverpool’s favor.

Manchester City vs. Arsenal

The Manchester City vs. Arsenal matches supposed to be played this 20th October have been postponed until further notice. According to a statement from the UEFA, the main reason for the match’s cancellation was a lack of enough police presence due to Queen Elizabeth’s demise to ensure the spectators’ safety.

This has exacerbated the excitement for such a clash since both teams are currently on the top in terms of points. Against the expected odds, rising Arsenal has risen to the top of the ranks with 31 points, followed by Manchester City in second place with 29 points. This two-point difference between both top-tier teams promises an exciting match none will want to miss out on; a showdown between Man City, one of this season’s favorites and last season’s champions, against current top-ranking team Arsenal.

Brighton vs. Chelsea

This 29th October, we witnessed one of the most exciting matches this season so far due to a long-standing rivalry between both teams. Brighton, although a strong team, has never been able to beat the Blues in 10 Premier League matches, and Chelsea has never fallen behind against these matchups.

Certain bookmakers predicted the odds in favor of Chelsea due to their historical advantage against the Seagulls and Brighton’s previous five losses in their last matches. It seemed it was going to be a decisive game in favor of Chelsea.

However, this game ended in an overwhelming victory for Brighton against favorite Chelsea, finally breaking Chelsea’s winning streak against Brighton, earning the Seagulls three points this season and again showing us how the underdog can rise to the top.


It is clear that even though there will always be favored teams over others, nothing is ever set in stone. The rise of Arsenal, Brighton’s victory against Chelsea and Liverpool’s fall into 9th with 16 points show us that favorites can rise and fall alike. The league has just started, and since we cannot predict the future (regardless of some bookmaker’s claim), we can only watch and see who will take home the winning trophy. Choose your favorite teams, enjoy the constant swaying in the scores and hope for the best for your team. After all, that is what football is all about.

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