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Where the Top Five Premier League Sides Need Strengthening in the January Transfer Window

This January, the Premier League has a narrow window where teams can engage in transfers. This is a critical time for all sides, particularly the top ones who are looking to fine-tune the balance of their sides ahead of the second half of the season. We look at what each of the top five Premier League teams will be looking for in the January 2023 transfer window as they seek to make title runs over the coming months.

Arsenal on the Hunt for One Man in Particular

There’s no doubt that Arsenal will be busy this transfer window, given the injuries their side has suffered recently.

In particular, striker Gabriel Jesus suffering a knee injury while representing Brazil at the FIFA World Cup 2022 has thrown a spanner into Arsenal’s plans. The 25-year-old was integral in their table-topping efforts pre-World Cup, scoring five goals and six assists. Arsenal will be after a similar replacement, with their eyes likely on Ukraine’s Mykhaylo Murdryk who could slot into the left wing, with Gabriel Martinelli then moving to cover Jesus’ spot in the center.

Manchester City Content With Current Squad

In a bold move, Manchester City have come out and said they have no plans to sign any new players in the January transfer window. City Manager Pep Guardiola stated before the World Cup break, “We are not going to sign anyone in January. The squad we have we are pleased with, the squad will stay the same.”

While the World Cup has taken its toll on Manchester City, chances are they will wait until the summer transfer window before seeking any new additions.

Manchester United After Striker Urgently

One team that won’t be content if their squad remains the same at the end of the January transfer window, is Manchester United.

Manager Erik ten Hag spoke to the media about Manchester United’s need for a new striker, saying, “We do everything in our power. We are doing research on every opportunity and we do everything we can if that opportunity is there to contract them.”

Despite the hole in their forward players at the moment, Manchester United still remain third favorites to win the title this year. Sportsbooks in New Jersey, such as the ones you can find here, have the side at odds of +2900 to win. You can find many more odds on not only Manchester United, but every Premier League side.

Newcastle After Attacking Central Midfielder

Sitting at third in the Premier League standings, Newcastle will be happy with how their squad is looking right now. However, they could always do with a little strengthening, particularly in the midfield.

Eddie Howe will likely have his eye on someone like James Maddison, who would add to the Newcastle midfield. If they are unable to sign any attacking central midfielders, Newcastle won’t be too worried, given the strong form of Joe Willock.

Tottenham Hotspur Seeking Wing Back

Rounding out the top five Premier League teams, Tottenham Hotspur will likely be looking to acquire one more defender. Spurs manager Antonio Conte has been reluctant to use Djed Spence in the back row, meaning there’s a good chance he’ll loan out the back and seek a replacement.

Who this could remain to be seen, though it’s likely any addition would be on either the right or left defensive wing.

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