Confirmed: Liverpool to Play National Anthem

Photo: IMAGO

As Liverpool prepare to host Brentford at Anfield this Saturday, the club has opted to join the rest of the Premier League in marking the coronation of King Charles III by playing the British national anthem, ‘God Save The King’, ahead of kick-off.

Anfield’s upper echelons have reached this decision in spite of the vocal dissent expressed by a significant portion of their passionate fanbase.

Previous instances of Liverpool supporters jeering the national anthem have been well documented, and just this Wednesday, the famed Kop was heard chanting unflattering words about the coronation during the home triumph over Fulham.

Nevertheless, come Saturday at half-past five, both teams, along with the match officials, will gather around the centre circle as the anthem rings out, broadcast live on Sky Sports.

The Merseyside club was faced with a quandary when the Premier League reached out to its members last Friday, “strongly suggesting” that the anthem be played before this weekend’s fixtures. Had the directive been obligatory, Liverpool’s hands would have been tied.

Yet, the club was left to grapple with the decision of either being accused of disrespecting the newly crowned monarch by being the sole top-flight outfit not to honour the occasion or potentially alienating their loyal supporters by proceeding with the anthem.

Liverpool maintain that they have carefully considered their fans’ sentiments prior to reaching this conclusion, and they encourage each spectator to exercise their personal choice in how they respond to the playing of the national anthem.


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