Pep Guardiola: ‘I Want Arsenal to LOSE!’ | Everton v Man City

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Pep Guardiola’s Press Conference: Anticipating Manchester City vs Everton

In this morning’s press conference, Pep Guardiola, the esteemed manager of Manchester City, offered his insights into the highly anticipated upcoming match: Manchester City vs Everton. The conference was filled with anticipation and strategic foresight, giving a rare glimpse into the mind of the football genius.

Guardiola emphasised the importance of the match against Everton. He mentioned the Goodison Park, Everton’s home ground, as a challenging environment, attributing it to the team’s aggressive playstyle and the intense atmosphere. Despite the pressure of an upcoming Champions League game against Real Madrid, Guardiola stressed that their focus remains undeterred on the Everton match.

Guardiola on Player Fitness and Selection

An intriguing part of the conference was Guardiola’s comments on player fitness and selection. He revealed his admiration for Erling Haaland, who had a commendable first season at Manchester City. When asked about Haaland’s ability to play 90 minutes for a sixth consecutive game, Guardiola seemed confident, stating that Haaland is in peak physical condition.

The Manchester City manager also underlined the importance of rotation and mentioned his trust in all his players. He admitted the selection process was a challenge due to the high stakes and demanding schedule, but assured that every player is ready to contribute.

The topic of fixture scheduling was another focal point. Guardiola expressed his frustration over the scheduling, particularly ahead of the match against Everton. Despite the challenging schedule, he reiterated his commitment to the Premier League and stressed that his team will adapt.

Guardiola’s Hopes for Arsenal to Drop Points

Interestingly, Guardiola also gave his take on Arsenal’s current run in the league. The Manchester City manager candidly expressed his desire for Arsenal to lose some of their upcoming games. He acknowledged Arsenal’s resurgence following their loss against Manchester City, but his candid comment reflects the competitive dynamics of the Premier League.

As we look forward to the Manchester City vs Everton game, Guardiola’s press conference offers fascinating insights. From his thoughts on individual players to his views on the broader league dynamics, Guardiola continues to captivate football fans with his strategic acumen and candour. The match against Everton promises to be an exciting one, with both teams vying for crucial points in the league.


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