Odegaard’s Future at Arsenal? The Inside Scoop!


Arsenal Plans Talks for Odegaard’s New Contract

The curtain of silence around the Emirates has finally lifted, revealing an enticing plan for Arsenal to secure a new contract with Martin Odegaard, their esteemed Norwegian midfielder. According to 90min, negotiations will soon commence, emphasizing the player’s prominence at the club since his official arrival in 2021.

Odegaard’s dazzling six-month loan spell wasn’t merely a flash in the pan. He has unfailingly proven himself as a linchpin in Arsenal’s squad, swiftly ascending to the rank of club captain—a testament to his profound impact, both on and off the pitch.

Arsenal has recognised Odegaard’s stellar contributions, with his impressive return of 15 goals and eight assists in 35 Premier League games this year alone. Such is the depth of his significance to the Gunners that they’re prepared to offer a lucrative new contract that acknowledges his standing among the Premier League’s elite midfielders.

Rewarding Excellence: The Anticipated Contract Extension

Sources confirm that Odegaard’s team is all set to negotiate a rewarding extension with Arsenal, potentially involving a substantial pay hike. His current contract, set to expire in 2025, doesn’t pressurise Arsenal into rushing negotiations, but there is a conscious recognition of Odegaard’s deserving position in the team, warranting this expected remuneration.

Summer Plans: Strategy and Contract Finalisations

As Arsenal meticulously crafts their summer transfer strategy, efforts to wrap up several new contracts are also in full swing. Odegaard is the latest to join a string of players in discussions over extensions.

Aaron Ramsdale, the club’s formidable goalkeeper, is predicted to seal a new deal by the month-end, with Bukayo Saka’s long-anticipated contract expected to follow suit, thanks to an agreement struck earlier this year.

While talks with centre-back William Saliba continue, Granit Xhaka’s future at the club remains uncertain after a faltering negotiation process. Whether he leaves or stays, it’s clear that Arsenal’s future will be heavily influenced by these decisions.


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