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Norwich City 0 Chelsea 0 | Match Review

On paper a 0-0 draw with Chelsea looks like a dull end to match of the day with Hanson and Shearer giving it all of 20 seconds of their expert analysis. In fact, is was a thoroughly entertaining 0-0 draw. It wasn’t a game of end to end chances more of a display of two good passing sides keeping position well, an easy game to watch from the windy stands of Carrow Road.

Norwich City more or less matched Chelsea for most of the game albeit in the last 20 minutes they came at us and looked far more likely to score.  Ths stats below reflect a fairly evenly matched game with possession stats to Norwich at 42% and I would expect if you had looked at that 10-20 minutes before the end of the game it may have been nearer to 50%.

This game was a display of passing the ball around and Norwich matched Chelsea all the way as the stats above demonstrate.  Both teams had the same amount of duels on the pitch and both passing long balls through the middle and down the wings.  Chelsea managed a lot more crosses than Norwich but Norwich’s accuracy of crossing was far superior to that of Chelsea’s, perhaps highlighting the major issue Chelsea seem to be having this season as well as often giving away possession quite cheaply.

Chelsea had more chances than Norwich but many went a miss with Torres continuing his bad luck streak in front of goal. I actually feel for Torres, he had a good game and was involved in a lot of Chelsea’s play but he seems to be missing that bit of luck and perhaps confidence to score goals.  Compare him with the 450k signing Grant Holt though and you can see why questions are being asked over his £50m price tag.  He is a class player though and his luck surely has to change.  You could have 111 Grant Holt’s for the price of Fernando Torres, I personally would settle with just one Grant Holt over Torres.

At the final whistle the Carrow Road faithful gave the team a resounding applause and standing ovation.  This was a solid display from Norwich against a team of quality Chelsea players.  Norwich played good football and were not afraid to have a chance against the bigger boys.  Game by game my confidence grows and we’re just 11 points off that magic 40, which may well just keep us in the EPL. Chelsea on the otherhand don’t look like a team that is going to finish top three, both Arsenal and Tottenham have come to Carrow Road this season and looked a different class, Chelsea and AVB have a lot of work to do if they want to finish in the top 5.

I've been a season ticket at Norwich City since I was about 12 and grew up in the days of Robert Fleck, Bayern Munich and Mike Walker. It's been a rollercoaster ride for the last 19 years we've been promoted 4 times, relegated 4 times, spent a season in the doldrums of league one and now we are flying high* in the premier league. *written in January when we are in the top half!
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