Brentford Plans to Retain Toney Despite Betting Ban

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Brentford’s Big Bet: Backing Ivan Toney Despite the Betting Scandal

Brentford FC, the West London Premier League club, is preparing to defy conventional wisdom. Despite Ivan Toney’s eight-month ban for betting-related infringements, the club intends to extend contract talks with their leading marksman, a gambit that epitomises the club’s unique approach to player management.

No Bets Off for Toney’s Future at Brentford

Ivan Toney’s impact at Brentford is undeniable. However, his recent ban has made Matthew Benham, Brentford’s owner, reconsider the club’s stance. An open ear for Toney’s potential suitors was the initial plan for the summer transfer window. Still, the expectations of matching his hefty £50 million valuation amidst his inactive period seem rather remote.

A Vote of Confidence Amid Controversy

Brentford tried and failed to secure Toney’s future earlier in the season before the betting charges surfaced. Despite this setback, the club seeks to express solidarity with a player who has been pivotal in their outstanding achievement of a top-10 Premier League finish, all while managing the lowest wage bill in the division.

With only two years remaining on Toney’s £20,000-a-week contract, the club realises that Toney’s remarkable goal-scoring feats may warrant more substantial wage demands elsewhere. The balance of rewarding Toney’s performances and maintaining the club’s strict pay structure forms the crux of the issue.

A Compromise for Toney’s Continuance?

Brentford’s highest-earning player, Ben Mee, pockets around £55,000-a-week. The club’s firm adherence to its wage policy has made meeting Toney’s demands a challenge. However, one possible resolution could see Toney accepting a lower wage in exchange for a release clause next summer, a move that may benefit both parties.

Risking the Reward of an Appeal

Brentford is conscious that without a new deal, Toney’s transfer value could plummet. With the option to terminate Toney’s contract, given the clear violation of his terms, the club faces a conundrum. While this action could save them roughly £640,000 in short-term wages, it would cost them millions in potential transfer fees.

The club and Toney are awaiting the FA’s written reasons before contemplating an appeal against the punishment’s severity. Although Toney is reported to be disgruntled with the ban length, appealing could prove a high-stakes gamble. The appeal could delay his return, and its judgement could take several months.

The FA’s plans to make Toney’s ban effective worldwide, barring him from a potential summer move abroad, add another layer of complexity to the situation.

Premier Interest and Toney’s Future

While Toney’s future at Brentford hangs in the balance, Manchester United, Arsenal, and Newcastle have reportedly shown interest. Tottenham and Chelsea could also enter the race for new strikers this summer. Nevertheless, Brentford’s strategic gamble on supporting Toney might just be the masterstroke that secures the star striker’s future at the club.


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