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Klopp Spills Secret About New Sporting Director

Jurgen Klopp Lauds Potential New Liverpool Sporting Director: “He’s a Smart Guy”

As the rumours of Jorg Schmadtke stepping into the role of Liverpool’s new Sporting Director continue to swirl, Merseyside’s beloved manager Jurgen Klopp has publicly shared his respect and admiration for his German contemporary.

Klopp’s High Praise for Schmadtke

The respected Liverpool manager was effusive in his praise for Schmadtke at his recent pre-Aston Villa press conference. “I know he’s a good guy, he’s a smart guy, very good in what he did in Germany, a very successful character,” Klopp noted, adding a personal touch to his professional respect. “His personality is good, humour good, I know that from a few moments next to the pitch.”

Despite any personal rapport, Klopp made it clear that any potential appointment would not be a ‘Jurgen Klopp signing.’ “If that would happen, it would not be because we are both German or know each other. That would have nothing to do [with it],” he clarified.

Schmadtke’s Rumoured Arrival in Merseyside

Earlier this month, Dominic King, a renowned Merseyside journalist, reported that Liverpool were deep in negotiations to bring Schmadtke on board as their new Sporting Director. This news clashed with earlier reports from Germany that hinted at Schmadtke only joining Liverpool for a short stint.

Regardless of the mixed reports, Klopp’s words of praise certainly fuelled the rumours of Schmadtke’s Merseyside move.

Longstanding Relationships: Klopp and Schmadtke

In an intriguing revelation, Klopp opened up about his longstanding professional relationship with Schmadtke. “Jorg Schmadtke, I’ve known for a long, long time. He probably knows me not as long as I know him, because he was a much better player.”

Klopp further elaborated on their shared journey in football, saying, “we started our second career at a similar moment. I became a coach at Mainz and he became a Sporting Director at [Alemannia] Aachen, two teams at similar stages. That’s where we know each other from, a little bit.”

However, Klopp was quick to emphasise that his admiration for Schmadtke was largely professional. “His personality is good, humour good, I know that from a few moments next to the pitch. But apart from that, nothing.”

All in all, as the anticipation around Schmadtke’s potential move to Liverpool continues to build, Klopp’s remarks shine a light on the respect between the two football figures, adding another layer of intrigue to the ongoing saga.

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