Jake Humphrey Exits As BT Sport Rebrands To TNT

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Jake Humphrey to Part Ways with BT Sport Ahead of TNT Sport Rebrand

From the depths of the BT Sport studio, the charismatic and ever self-promoting Jake Humphrey announced he’ll be hanging up his football blazer, bidding adieu to BT Sport after a glorious decade-long stint. The man’s last grand performance will be orchestrating the coverage of the Champions League final on the 10th of June, a contest between Manchester City and Inter Milan. Think of it as his own personal World Cup final.

“It has been my dream job,” he said, undoubtedly with a glint in his eye and a hint of a mischievous smile. “I’m also not ashamed to say I remain hugely ambitious. Stepping back from BT will allow me space to pursue other projects and fulfil other ambitions. I’m excited.”

And why wouldn’t he be? This is a man who helped establish the Whisper Group and the High Performance podcast since linking arms with BT Sport back in 2013. Not just a pretty face on your telly, eh?

His colleague, the insightful Rio Ferdinand chimed in: “Top presenter and inspiration in many different ways. Don’t doubt you will smash whatever’s next!” I couldn’t have put it better myself, Rio. To make his departure more monumental, BT Sport are even preparing a fitting tribute during the Champions League final coverage. Talk about going out with a bang.

BT Sport to Transform into TNT Sports

Not only is Humphrey saying his goodbyes, but so is the BT Sport brand itself. It’s making its exit from UK screens in July, all set for a radical makeover into TNT Sports. Premier League football next season will don a new suit, all thanks to this channel shake-up.

This dramatic change is the aftermath of Warner Bros Discovery playing Monopoly and acquiring BT Sport. You see, they also have Eurosport in their satchel, and in due time, all of these will unite under the TNT Sports flag. So expect your football, rugby, tennis, and even Olympic sports in one comprehensive package.

The TNT Sports Saga: The Rebranding Odyssey

But what’s all this hullabaloo about TNT Sports? Well, it’s the latest venture from Warner Bros Discovery (WBD). If you’ve been hiding under a rock, WBD is a mammoth multinational mass media conglomerate that operates many of the world’s biggest television brands, including the likes of CNN and HBO.

TNT Sports is not a newbie; it’s a familiar name to the folks in Latin America, being their hotspot for top-notch domestic and European football. And come July 2023, it’s all set to become a dedicated brand in the UK and Ireland as well. According to Andrew Georgiou, the managing director of WBD Sports Europe:

“The TNT Sports name is already synonymous with premium live sports in a number of countries around the world and a further sign of the global scale and expertise that WBD brings to the partnership with BT.”

What Does This Mean for BT Sport Subscribers?

If you’re an existing BT Sport subscriber, fret not. For you, the channel might just get a new paint job and turn into TNT Sports. As for the BT Sport app regulars, your new streaming destination will be discovery+. This rebrand comes with a complementary pass to discovery+, featuring a wide range of entertainment programming and Eurosport’s streaming service.

The impending merger will be a buffet of the world’s biggest sporting events all under one banner. Think Olympic Games, Premier League, Champions League, Europa League, Premiership Rugby, MotoGP, UFC, Boxing, WWE, tennis Grand Slams, cycling Grand Tours and the winter


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