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£70M Deal Agreed: Mac Allister Leaving Brighton for Liverpool

Alexis Mac Allister Packing His Bags for Liverpool

Once more, we find ourselves in the swirling maelstrom of football’s transfer window, the time of year where hopes are dashed, dreams realised, and contracts flung about like confetti at a wedding. This time, we’re taking a spin around the world of the Premier League, where our good friends at TyC Sports are reporting on Liverpool’s latest shenanigans. Yes, my dear readers, it seems Liverpool have snagged themselves a shiny new toy in the shape of Brighton’s midfield dynamo, Alexis Mac Allister.

Mac Allister: From Seagull to Redbird

Picture this. Jurgen Klopp, not one to let the grass grow under his feet, has found himself a nifty little solution to the imminent departure of both Naby Keita and James Milner. And who might that be, you ask? Well, only a World Cup winner no less, with a price tag in the vicinity of £70 million.

The Reds gaffer has got his beady eye on Brighton’s midfield wonderboy, Alexis Mac Allister, who has practically been turning water into wine down at the AMEX Stadium. This lad has been knocking in goals left, right, and centre with a cool ten for this Premier League season alone. He’s off to Anfield and who can blame him?

“It could be a possibility to lose some big players,” says De Zerbi

A rather underwhelming way to put it, given the seismic shift that’s about to happen. But Brighton’s manager, Roberto De Zerbi, appears pretty unfazed about the impending loss of Mac Allister and Moises Caicedo, another pillar of his team. He’s quoted as saying, ‘we are Brighton and I know the policy of our club – my club – and we have to be ready to bring in other good players with the right characteristics, the right condition of our club.’

Liverpool’s Klopp on the Prowl

Liverpool, on the other hand, is not being so laissez-faire about the whole business. Klopp, a chap known for his careful planning and strategic thinking, is giving his team a serious once over. ‘We look in all departments apart from goalkeeper at the moment,’ he quips. ‘Yes, if there is a good one (defender) out there, I would not deny it. That’s all. We look at all areas of the pitch, definitely.’

So, there we have it. The rollercoaster ride of the transfer season is just getting started and it’s looking like a rather thrilling journey indeed for our Mr. Mac Allister. From Brighton’s blue and white to Liverpool’s illustrious red. Best of luck to him, I say. We’ll see if he can make those Liver birds sing.

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  1. Either this is tapping up as he is under contract or massive BS. Brighton don’t report transfer figures so massive BS


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